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I Would just like to Remind Everybody What Were All Made Of

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posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 06:20 AM

and if the Ytube video doesn't work, heres a direct link to:

Sometimes you need to take a step back and realize, it's not all about the conspiracies or the truths, about tommorow or today. It's about everyday and there are things out there that are more important than uncovering all of the truths in the world.

I love this video, only because their right.
Children Starving
People Dying
Women hurt

And we can fix all of this! Thats what I don't understand. Money has no monetary value! Its a piece of paper. No - seriously, if you have to, take it out and look at it. Does it transform in your hand? I realize mentally, it can be traded out, but people.... thats all it is, is paper.

It may be just me, maybe I'm too searching in everybody or I see things people don't, but a dollar bill my friends, shouldn't determine a persons fate nor happiness. If a dollar bill causes someone to die because lack there of, then isn't something wrong with that picture?

I realize, yes I truly realize, that its never going to change. Currency is how this world runs, but it doesn't have to be like that... it never did. Now I don't think the world could possibly be strong enough, or unify together to make it all the same - to help all of those people who suffer because we do not help them. No I don't expect anybody to jump up and propose an Idea that anybody would listen to.

But I would like to remind you what were all made of.
That underneath, if you happen to forget it sometimes, we all bleed.

We may not know the reasons as to why were all different, why we love different things, accept some and deny others. We may never understand the reasons behind some of the things people do, but behind most everybody is a set of lungs, and a beating heart.

We have the power to change. We make it be what we want it to be.

Never Forget That.

Make Poverty History

Racism and Capitalism in Cincinnati

Birtains Immigration Controls

Despite the "progress" in culture, science and technology, racism, tribalism, nationalism, colonialism and the caste system have been mainly responsible for the death of over 62 million human beings in the last 100 years. These numbers, however, do not tell the full story since no numbers are available for the colonial period. And one really cannot imagine the misery of so many millions who suffered through it although they were not killed. Today there are about 22 million refugees in our world who were forced to abandon their homes essentially because of nationalistic wars.
- Racism Statistics

This you can help. Don't listen to the belief that you can't. 62 Million deaths America... now if thats not hell on Earth, then I want you to tell me what is. We may not like some people that we've met, we may even disagree with them til the point of no return, but there is absolutely no right, for anybody to hate this much. If you disagree with me, you need to be reading a different thread.

Each year 1 million women suffer nonfatal violence by an intimate partner. 4 million American women experience a serious assault by an intimate partner during an average 12-month period. Nearly 1 in 3 adult women experience at least one physical assault by a partner during adulthood.
- Domestic Violence

I believe in the greatest conspiracy of all, that this can't be helped. That is the one conspiracy I will always have my eyes set on. I am tired of reading of other things and focusing on stories that will never have any sort of affect on me when there are people out there crying in the corners because they have no home to go to, nothing to eat, nothing to wear, no mom to cry out for help.

So take your stand, with whatever you believe should be fought for, and plant your feet firmly in the ground.

Don't forget your roots, or it too will forget you.

More Links:

Animals Matter - Stoping Animal Abuse

There's No Excuse

Petition for Animal

Poverty - Statistics and More

Anybody is welcome to add.

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posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 08:35 AM
I'm going to bypass you using Fergie the one who brought us My Humps and many other pointless songs, from a recovered crack head.

This is a lost cause though, people are going to do what they want to, whether its beating their wives, or wives shooting there husband, children shooting their parents, or killing there brothers in fake wrestling moves. Men raping women, women filing false cases of rape against men.

At the core I believe were all selfish beings, it actually explains alot, not everything, but alot that way.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 08:42 AM
reply to post by Republican08

Your right, and half of that is because people are raised WRONG. Living in a world like this though, thats not hard to do. Even good parents can't help that their kids learn bad things. Its all influenced. And I think yes, that some of us are selfish. But that doesn't mean that it can't change. A person may be stubborn in their ways, and maybe that one person can't change, but it doesn't mean over a course of time that it can't be taught.

What can be taught, will. Thats my idea, and it won't change.

We are what we've become. I mean its simple as that. Look at all the terror going on around the world, fear of the atmosphere, economy, murders, rapes, etc. Its a direct reflection on human beings in general. But does that mean that all of us are like that? No. And for those who are not that is another direct reflection on what we could be.

I know I'm a bunch of hope, sitting here on my computer, typing away as if its nothing but what I've said is right. We made it this way, and we can change it.

I know some people don't care enough about other people to personally give a **it. I wonder how they'd feel if they were isolated, alone, with nobody else there to turn down. How would they feel then?
just a thought.


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