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Ron Paul - What If: The Truth Is Known About Him

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posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 05:32 PM
National Ron Paul Scandal Revealed: State's Constitution Party Tyranny Hidden in the "Sheepskin" of "The Constitution".

by Ed Ward, MD

Beneath the bluster of Federal "Constitution" adherence, "Who is Ron Paul?". Close inspection of Ron Paul platforms/actions, campaign `officials' actions, and the political dealings of both, show that it is State level tyranny that is being sustained and promoted along with the supposed US Constitution. Let US look at proven and verifiable facts.

In my opinion, thanks to the actions of 2 of 7 LA Ron Paul Campaigns' Constitutional District Organizers, who were immediately removed from the LA Ron Paul campaign, December 27, 2007, was a busy and partially revealing day for the Ron Paul campaign.

The Alabama Constitution Party officially endorses Ron Paul for President 2008.

Is it possible these UnConstitutional religious fanatics have rebuked their extreme religious convictions and suddenly placed The Constitution above `their' God? If so, the ACP platform shows just the opposite, "We also oppose the distribution and use of all abortifacients." (Birth Control Pills - BCPs), and "We affirm the God-given legal personhood of all unborn human beings, without exception. As to matters of rape and incest, it is murder to take the life of an unborn child for the crimes of the father." (Focus and brevity of this article require that this is the extent ofcoverage on this issue, but note that likely death of the mother is not an acceptable reason to terminate any gestational age pregnancy as well as other named non exceptions to forced birth via the removal of contraceptive BCPs/rape/incest/abhorations. Example - A 15 year old is raped and beaten to presumed death, but will still be forced to conceive this so-called `father's' child under penalty of trial for murder - no exceptions.) This clearly shows that the ACP has not abandoned their tyrannic, elitist, `holier than thou', religious, God fanaticisms, but that they know something the rest of US don't know about Ron Paul's secret agendas. What could one (there's more than one secret, but this one was clearly shown on the 27th) of them be? Ron Paul is making sure that he is doing a lot more than just his stated message of just keeping the abortion issue out of federal hands.

"Dr. Paul Issues Statement on `Right to Life' Amendments" on the same day the ACP endorses Ron Paul and only a few days after similar facts regarding objectives of the Ron Paul campaign officials (and more) were sent to the Ron Paul State campaign officials, internet groups, LA Ron Paul MeetUp groups and Ron Paul's Congressional office. The statement is full of insight into the real previously hidden RP agenda, "I challenge every candidate who claims to be pro life to support these bills to get the Supreme Court out of the life issue so states can quickly and constitutionally (?) protect the unborn." "Both bills (HR 2597 and HR 300) would end the negative effect of Roe v Wade by removing the ability of federal courts to interfere with state legislation that protects life. My bills could allow a simple majority vote and allow states such as Michigan and South Carolina to end abortion immediately."

Bypassing the Supreme Court from making judgements on the Constitutionality of State Laws is certainly NOT Constitutional. There are many more states (LA is one) that are already set up to end abortion as soon as the Constitutionality issue of Roe v Wade is removed. It's much easier to pass a seemingly useless UnConstitutional law to infringe on The People's rights that can't be enforced, than to pass a law that most definitely will be enforced, which is exactly what our so called `representatives' have done in LA and other states to await the law's enactment under the disguise of Federal Constitutionality. Were all these laws planned to be on the books by religious, fanatical, tyrants, or is it just a coincidence? The insight on the above fact/coincidence and several other facts/coincidences were only gained through participation in high level LA Ron Paul campaign interaction.

Ron Paul seems to have never heard of vote fraud, or even a Constitutional election process. If Ron Paul's website and google are checked, there is no mention that our current `blackbox' voting is UnConstitutional from Ron Paul. Ron Paul is supposedly a constitutionalist (clearly not Constitutional just based on the above information), surely he must want Constitutional elections. If Ron Paul wanted Constitutional elections, he'd most likely still have the original 7 LA district coordinators, but the absolute avoidance of the issue by members of the Ron Paul 2008 campaign officials was the final straw for at least one LA district coordinator.

On the subject of Vote Fraud Issues/Constitutional Voting, Matt Chancey, LA, MS, GA and AL, state coordinator (no one else comes close to coordinating this many states, RP must really believe in him), and fresh from the presidency of the Alabama Republican Assembly (ALRA), (1/50th of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) (all 3 orgs, ACP, ALRA, and NFRA, have virtually identical ovum beliefs - the ovum has all rights of personage and the adult has no rights of personage), states, "We don't need affidavits. We don't need injunctions. We don't need to go war with the LA GOP." (Nope, `We' sure don't, because `We' Are `Them' in a State wrapper.) Watch Jim Condit, Ron Paul activist, Vote Fraud expert/activist, and fellow NCEL plaintiff, explain the exact same scenario occurring in Iowa and his frustrations in dealing with what he has not quite figured out.

Every `Old, Old, Guard' Republican Party BUSHY is still in power (to be re-elected with the blessing of the RP campaign) with UnConstitutional Elections as their primary weapon against US and still perfectly ingrained without needed verifiable proof to stop the next election, nor even the noting of a Constitutional Election (Seems that ALRA, Chancey, and the ACP were able to punt on that principle/coincidence in order to protect US from our heathen ways - "`We' (the holier than thou) cannot let heathens vote for themselves, PRAISE GOD!").

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posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 12:10 AM
reply to post by EdWardMD

Great, another anti-religion, anti-ron paul person.

Ron Paul is done in major politics, get a new hobby.

posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 12:50 AM
Nothing wrong with religion, except most of the leaders like to murder and torture people - AKA, Heathens - to save them. BTW, I WAS ONE OF 7 DISTRICT LEADERS IN THE STATE FOR RON PAUL UNTIL I FOUND OUT WHAT A LYING DIRTBAG RELIGIOUS FASCIST HE IS.

WHAT DID YOU DO? Anyway, he most likely is, but in a revolution anything is possible and they have the bases covered and the religious fanatics behind him are still there. Heavy in the CIA. Murder for God by heretics, blasphemers and murderers.

So buy a vowel and learn some truth about right firetruckin now.


[edit on 15-2-2009 by EdWardMD]

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