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Nutrition and energy.

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posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 05:24 PM
Recently, I cut all the coffee, cola, white sugar, white flower, white rice and yellow cheese from my diet.

I'm also eating less and having 5-6 meals each day (more salad, more fruit, less processed food).

I drink a lot of pure water, since some people say that the fluoride can damage our body.

I also drink green tea at least once a day.

I'm also very aware of my emotions, my thoughts, my focus and that too makes a synergy.

Here is the good part: I noticed a great improvement on my energy. The days I'm really disciplined with all the above I can sleep only 6-7 hours a day and really feel powerful.

Seems that too much food overload the body and sucks too much energy for digestive purposes. Now I see why fast is good. Seems that It 'enhances' the mental power, since your body is not using energy to digestion.

PS.: Today I cheated, my dad made a barbecue (brazilian meat
) and I also eated a Kinder Bueno (oh I love those Swiss chocolates...)

What type of food and products could damage our body?
What type of food boost our energy?
What are your habits relating that kind of stuff?
Nutrition is overhyped and Is It okay to put consume only what advertising want us to?
Can we find a relationship between nutrition and conspiracy?

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posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 07:41 PM
First congratulations on changing your eating habits toward a healthier lifestyle. I know it's tough to change and lot's of people fail because they are impatient, but it sounds like you stuck with it and are now reaping the benefits. Don't feel bad for indulging once in a while, as long as you don't fall back to how you used to eat and feel then it's ok. Keep it up! Also, I would also suggest exercising. It's a good stress reliever, has positive effects on the body and goes good hand in had with a good diet. You don't have to, but just a suggestion from one who likes to work out. Anyway, to answer you questions:

#1: Candies, Ice cream, fried foods, fast food, take-out foods, chips, anything processed. Basically, it seems to me that you are on the right track of knowing what foods make you feel bad and make you feel good.

#2: Foods that boost energy are carbohydrate based. There are two different types of carbs. One is simple carbohydrates (this is considered the bad carb) and many of them contain refined sugars the offer few essential vitamins and minerals. Examples are fruits, fruit juice, milk, honey, molasses, and sugar. So candy is considered a simple carb. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with fruit, honey and honey in your diet, but doesn't work well as a longer term energy booster. The other type is Complex Carbohydrates, they take longer to digest and are usually packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Examples are vegetables, breads, cereals, legumes and pasta. Oatmeal is an example of complex carbohydrates, and is why not only you don't feel hungry as quickly, but also gives energy. Avoid those energy drinks, they are a gimmick, you will crash not long after you've had it.

#3: I consider myself to be semi vegetarian. I do indulge in fast foods and "unhealthy" stuff once in a while, but I do mainly keep it healthy. I keep it healthy and love to work out. Having physical fitness goals on a bad diet defeats the purpose, plus doesn't feel right and your progress suffers. I also noticed that when eating unhealthy, lot of symptoms come with it, drepression, lack of confidence, drop in sexual desire, stress, we all know the feeling. Eating healthy, the opposite happens, you feel great and feel as though you can accomplish anything, and you tend to get more things done with your life too.

#4: I wouldn't say nutrition is over-hyped, but with so many self appointed gurus writing books, infomercials, etc things can become hard to understand for many people. I always say, stick with the time proven basics. It is ok, to advertise good nutrition, but to a point where they want to make people eat healthy, is in my opinion, the wrong way of going about it. Besides, I never listen to that much advertising. I have read many books on the subject and it all comes down to the most basics. Never listen to the fad diets such as low carb, atkins, south beach and whatever else, those are tricks to buy books and products.

#5: I often have thought of this. As a nation, we are becoming more and more unhealthy and obesity seems to be rising. But I'm more focused on peoples attitudes. There is a surge in depression cases (whether the patient is overweight or skinny doesn't matter) and other mental health problems. I always did wonder if there's a connection to our food, to make use weak and easy to "rule" over. I am a little suspicious on the government banning certain foods and even jumping on the get healthy band wagon. Could be nothing, maybe just democracy actually at work by lots of people demanding this happen, but still makes one think.

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