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My seemingly most balanced "good alien technology" formulas and theories

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posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 12:29 PM
I will summarize probably most everything you might have wanted to know in how the system of seed technology is more universal and the key then you may think, with integrating life and certain aspects of non-linearity to get you where you want to go. Relating to the shaping of the universe, waves of webs, imploding and exploding in a summarized way a hybid of the cubic and spherical energies, and relating to studying very fast, subjective not very much physical contacts, to the chemical elements, audio/visual technology, computer workings, healing technology, and all the alien information on the internet, I've come to realize many important things. As hard as it may be to accept, almost every thing alien like on the internet is spawned by "demons" as a sort of "half lie, half truth" syndrome, and poor people who only have a go at things based on what they say, all of us. I focused on the past, present, and future a lot like probably most of you, and would just say as a main relaxing neutrality, I think it's best to not believe or focus too much in destruction or ascension (except for it's scientific meaning)...I've learned from being a quality/truth-phile, that this system here has little midrange, "meat"; good aliens barely *show* up's a little "game", amplifiy sodium, sugar, caffeine, even alien like information (but admittedly even with fear and confusion, we awake a bit with that fiction-like *physics*), to bring in the highs and lows, potential destroyers of space's protective blankets. It's a complicated subject, but I'll just go down to what matters, materialistic energies integrating positively or just more quality-phile advanced.

I theorized that the planets and sun are alien creations designed to make us live a little varietative game-like miserable reality, besides the usual demon stuff. The most I could think is the sun and planet core is is a hollow graphene shell over a tantalum/titanium grid frame, with an iron/aluminum/liquid oxygen shell beneath that, empty space or solid elements surrounding a copper glass sphere with water; the lifeless planets and stars with iron/aluminum/liquid oxygen on the outside, and ridding the glass sphere for the planet. Good beings are vacuum soul pieces from the sun/living planetary energies, and bad beings are vacuum soul pieces from the stars/dead planetary energies. Seed physics. But this place is distorted, with even just the geometries of bad beings spaceships distorting the universe. The galaxy, solar system, universe, or whatever I want is with eight moons in a cubic formation, a sphere hollow frame grid space orbit path with tightening towards the imploded sides of a rounded out in the corners cube light blue sun. Our good blood will be blue colored niobium based with totally redesigned DNA with flat bone-like outline, with two tall X's summarizing the corner connections (chemical composition iron/aluminum/niobium/tin/liquid oxygen), wavy spider webbed like pattern through the X's (chemical composition red state copper/cerium oxide/liquid oxygen). But the bad beings blood will be pink colord bismuth based with the same outer image DNA as the good beings. Paradise, a new game, whatever, obviously we must redefine the purpose of black and white if we want to get somewhere...the grey would've said it if it weren't for me possibly being right about THIS, in other words people like me, trying towards safety, could be better off...I could, say, suffer with much more intelligence and action in a lifetime, or that subconscious would have more hope reaching into the conscious.

The only spaceship I've seen in my mind that doesn't distort the universe so much, would be relating to this theoretical galaxy, but solidify the grid, make the moons graphene with copper glass with water, and the ship just aluminum/iron/liquid oxygen for now. Something like this ship should also be all the main houses and vehicles. I feel sorry for any technology reality possibly having

posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 12:33 PM
to deal with the distortion of roads relating to a a vehicle, or airships still going with pancake crushing flat structure design.

These housings can even be holographic or telepathic chambers putting expanded space within a compressed space with special computer technology. Tantalum/titanium/liquid oxygen are the keys to really understanding these aspects, the universal highest speed wireless technology...I even theorized an electromagnetic hammer of it can turn water into a suspended animation like state. Satellite dishes and average antennaes are a much more distorted form of these energies, compressed, splashy, wobbly, over heated/blown, lacking teleportative characteristics. This subject might be called radionics. My theoretical "perfect" wireless energy would be tantalum/titanium/liquid oxygen frame in the flat spider web bone DNA shape thing before, this frame in water surrounded by copper glass, surrounded by iron/aluminum/liquid oxygen. This would be put in an iridium stringed hand-sized electric guitar of vanadium/tungsten/zinc/lead/aluminum/iron/liquid oxygen housing, that can use a circular cornered triangle graphene pick, probably altered with encoded groves or cobalt/liquid oxygen magnetic strip spliced between, to play music, other media, or something. Talking about wireless energy, I wanted all housing to be primarily composed of niobium/tin/liquid oxygen, my theoretical most refractory, most adsorptive lightable "charcoal" energy device, even so important if real, to be used as artificial trees and plants for environmental balancing...they wouldn't burn, but instead light up a light blue touchable flame that would also be used differently for the main replacement for cooking food, with an iron/aluminum/liquid oxygen hollow pyamid frame, with hollow graphene tubing within, with nickel plated iron/neodymium/boron sphere magnets at the corners, the ultimate pyramid frame. Most things in a house would be composed of niobium/tin/liquid oxygen, not just the walls, but a lot will be aerogel added as carpet, seat, bed, clothes. I theorized the clothes would be niobium/liquid oxygen. I think niobium/tin/liquid oxygen is possibly the most immediate technology of need beyond my theorized drink, a mixture of soda, alcoholic beverages, fruit and/or vegatable drinks, soup, tendencies, but not literally those mixed together.

Face the fact that our food paths must evolve forward, not go too "backward". Technology is important, you like that demon created stuff like I do, right? Well those things are powerful, a key word. All you have to do is relate to it, being a chemist of sorts, somewhere along the collective "leader" ladder, or it's the farm for you...not doable the more you think about the whole. My drink would even relate to my perfect genetic thoughts, chemically, like whatever you may be drinking now probably does, but differently. This target system works by being "smart". My drink is graphite/liquid oxygen/red state copper/cerium oxide/iron/aluminum/niobium/tin. Main drinking containers shape are horn, bone, tear, with rubidium/silver/iodine/niobium/apatite pen ink information perhaps. Red state copper/cerium oxide/liquid oxygen (a red thing) or iron/aluminum/niobium/tin (a rainbow thing) create bread/cookie dough/flour, soda/pancake syrup, armor/weaponry (fused with red powder copper..think calcium carbonate, calcite, abalone shell, that nacre glue, fused with the soft, candy, waxy, glassiness of the white/red powders), candy/sugar/spice/caffeine/salt/soup broth/white-red powder replacement casually, other technological alloys. Meat and computer silicon board replacement is diamond/liquid oxygen alloy, perhaps with some apatite for the meat.

I'm sorry but I just don't get and haven't really learned everything about our computers...the demons who made them have some, uh, complicated addictions on overworked geometry and software instead of what really matters, the source, the hardware. Computer is a cylindr

posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 12:35 PM
ical cube, rounding the corners and imploding the sides, made of tantalum/titanium/liquid oxygen. Vibrational supports vanadium/zinc/tungsten/lead/liquid oxygen, apatite/diamond/liquid oxygen (wood). Inside the case is flat stacks of diamond/liquid oxygen with gold glass and the rainbow powder, underneath cobalt/liquid oxygen magnetic strip or perhaps plate, underneath another board, and aerogel wraps around like sandwiches. Audio is an aluminum/iron/tantalum/titanium/lead/liquid oxygen horn frame, driver "cone" is zirconium oxide/rhenium oxide/zinc silicate/apatite/diamond/liquid oxygen/beryllium borate/lanthanum. Electromagnet is niobium coil around gadolinium/holmium/bismuth, diamond pressed, aluminum plated. Headphones will be a mini horn connected to a dog bone like ear cup. The mini horn has the regular or boxed in instead of cone or whatever drivers, leading into a passage of water filled copper glass tubing, leading to an electrostatic driver of graphene/liquid oxygen, leading to a tantalum/titanium my-"DNA" frame, to an amethyst and hemimorphite pressed titanium sheet baffle with an "X" of the "circular square" shapes, to a tightly woven fiber mat, to aluminum/iron/liquid oxygen baffle circular square with four "DNA waves" and center hole, with aerogel on the sides next, perhaps covering a set of the DNA waves. To complete the headset, two "horn bones" attach from the base of the mini horn to a rectangle goggle screen composed of strontium titanium oxide/rubidium silver iodine/liquid oxygen, relating to static charge projections, a dramatic increase in video for us. Video laser ruthenium/cobalt/silicon/liquid oxygen with copper glass is what I can think of now, through the wavy horn edge, with the audio through the center, integrated. A big standalone horn with have a cross, possible detachables, of a giant bone-like hollow frame for sound, and an electrostatic rectangle membrane for light.

Now to the fun, more do-able part, the seed relation between free energy and healing. Our current relation is nuclear radioactive energy and destroying...but you must understand the demons who made our world and its technology didn't necessarily focus so so much on destroying us, as they partake in the soda, donuts, and whatnot too, as their copper blood and different soul has too much physical health and they want to "suffer", further explaining the world in a more calm neutral way. Free energy is no more simpler than the durable seed universal physics of giganticness, meaning it's nothing more than steel-like hollow containers of varying geometries, superconductive diamagnetic levatation, fused chemical mineral makeups, and vacuum had to be simple, and we did just that, but in a fuel dissolving way, and too much mechanical motion way (similar things), and not understanding the source chemical gears, and not covering all the areas, thanks to the sugar physics of this dump. Spheres, Cylinders, pillars, nothing more, nothing less. I started figuring this out just from trying to make a healing hat storage container. I don't have to describe the spheres and cylinders, but the pillar needs thought. This aluminum/iron/liquid oxygen pillar has square windows all around, is set on a square quartz plate with pyramids below, with a minimal frame to hold the pillar. Inside is a graphene cone, it "sucks" to your head like the gnomes hat, the triangular physics allow for more suck then blow in higher energies, but this hat will blow much more energy out the tip then a pyramid because of vacuum and impedance physics. Purple fluorite is on the base in and out, black obsidian in the middle, and diamond at the top. Inside the hat is a you-know-what frame with yttrium powder, in the center of that frame is the audio driver relative to diamond pressed graphene tubes connecting to amethyst pressed sphere magnet joints, that shape is the graphene cell shape with an X and a line down the middle, and it'll suck like the cone hat but through more compressed means. On top of the tantalum/titanium frame is cube magnets connected together into a cube, surrounded by pyramid magnets connected into a ring, all diamagnetically floating from a vaccum. On top of that is a copper glass sphere with water, which should float and look black hole like. On top of the cone hat is a graphene sphere within a graphene ring, scandium pressed, it floats harder than bigger sizing but that impedance brings a red light, all this relative to "angel" halos. This cone is surround by a hemimorphite pressed paper or foam like cone, but more wavy and reverses the base positioning, the feel of light floaty "falling" "blooms". On top of the pillar is my ionic ozone maching a double sided tear with holes at the tips, composed of an aluminum/iron/liquid oxygen frame, tin spiral wire, and strontium titanium oxide/bismuth/graphite/lanthanum/quartz fuse. Pendants were the trickiest thing for me to figure out to my taste. They give radiation protection and energy to a person or technology, without having to be too energetic, powerplant, transmutative. A rectangle for the top, a square for the bottom. I settled for two different pairs, resin design, the one with the most variety is the "clean, long lasting without hurting, expensive, harder to make, like my new drink" one, the other is simpler but is "dirty, fun, not neutral enough for long periods of time, cheaper, easier to make, more like our Coca-Cola" one...reminds me of a lightning or muddy earthy sort of feel in my mind on that one. Diamagnetic protection, balanced, from core, no wireless, nothing, it won't be the more able to be all-surrounding hat energy, but think of the existence, and the damp to that hat, which can also be the telepathic "feel" sender if need be. The simple one is both having tungsten/lead wire twist on the outer edges, next mini cube magnets connected in square formation, then vanadium/zinc wire twist, then "circular square" tin wire in center, then powders of aluminum/bismuth/purple fluorite/charcoal/red powder nickel and copper/praseodymium/pumice/amber/strontium titanium oxide/quartz/epsomite. The next set, square,is niobium/tin wire twist on outer edges, mini cube magnets, platinum/rhenium wire twist, with square corners pointing towards sides-silver/cobalt wire twist, inner beryllium wire circular square, powders are amber, charcoal, pumice, anapaite, amazonite, copper glass, red powder copper/gold/ruthenium/iridium, clear calcite, purple rhodochrosite, blue turquiose, lepidolite, clear spodumene, diamond structure oriented quartz, germanium oxide, magnesium, howlite, strontium titanium oxide, scandium oxide, yttrium oxide, blue zircon, hafnium carbide, vanadium carbide, zinc, aluminum, indium, bismuth, samarium, gadolinium, holmium, tanzanite, moldavite, purple fluorite, diopside, iolite, epsomite, blue lace agate, dumortierite, brown chrysoberyl, white apophyllite. The rectangle is tungesten wire outer edge, cube magnets, zirconium/cadmium wire twist, beryllium wire circular square, powders of borax, selenite, celestite, amazonite, barium tantalum oxide, green talc, bule phenakite, blue sapphire, clear danburite, blue apatite, niobium oxide, tin oxide, manganese, red powder cobalt/nickel/silver/platinum, copper glass, copper, dioptase, green hemimorphite, black tourmaline, silicon, germanium, graphite, bismuth oxide, praseodymium, europium, terbium, dysprosium, erbium, ytterbium, black obsidian, black kyanite, amber, pumice, charcoal, anapaite, yellow topaz, amethyst, silicon carbide, nickel, blue lace agate, astrophyllite, scolecite, white apophyllite, beryllium wire circular square in center. Between both pairs of design is mini ozone machine, but with closed tips. All hats and pendants have invisibility cloak for protection, of iron/neodymium/boron/niobium/aerogel/apatite.

posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 12:49 PM
That is some incredible stream of consciousness post

I've copied and pasted several sentences and extracts into Google and it seems to be all your own. Not entirely sure what the message is. The solar system and everything in it is a construct created by demons? Sugar is nutritional to their copper blood?

Please post a more distilled summary with greater brevity please. It's genuinely intriguing

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