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Gene Explosions and CNV's...evidence for some external factor in the human races existence?

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posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 11:21 AM
Well, apparently, according to a new study published by the university of Washington, about 10 million years ago there was an event dubbed as a 'gene explosion' which is responsible for setting us and the various closly related primate species apart.

Heres the article:

What it doesn't explain however is how thiis could have happened. At least not to my level of understanding anyway (I'm no geneticist).

Mentioned in the article is a phenomena known as CNV's or copy number variations:

These, as far as I can gather are a (presumably) evolutionary mechanism, set apart from normal genetic mutations which are drastic, rapid and are responsible essentially for the birth of the human race.

Now, I'm not being funny but this strikes me as quite odd and not at all in line with my understanding of how the evolutionary process based on environmental advantages works and is raising all kinds of questions both logical and spirtual/metaphysical in my mind. This could be due to my poor coprehension of the subject but like I say, seems very strange.

Any thoughts or insights into the hows and whys here would be greatly appreciated because my brain can't seem to stop thinking that some kind of outside factor is possibly responsible here, some kind of intervention......maybe.


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