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AFTER passing and signing Obama hits the road to sell the plan

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posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 02:16 PM

Originally posted by Irish M1ck
reply to post by redhatty

Just saying... it seems you have a fascination with discussing assassinations based off of wild fantasies. It seems a bit disturbing to see someone almost hoping a bill fails so that the publics will get angry and possibly assassinate the president.

Pardon me, if I am a bit disturbed that you actually are hoping these events take place.

You must be confusing me for someone else, I do believe this is the FIRST time ever that I have mentioned assassination.

Whether the bill passed or not, the "stimulus" it is supposed to provide will fail. It will not give the foreign buyers of our debt more confidence in the value of said debt. It is quite possible that we will soon see a bond market dislocation. Lasting jobs will not be created, work yes, that is temporary and finite, but lasting jobs, no.

It will not put people who have been laid off from their companies back on the payroll, just like The CEO of Caterpillar said on ABC.

Our banks are insolvent. Until we fix THAT problem properly and effectively, all the money in the world (that doesn't yet exist!) being thrown at the problem will not fix anything.

Until the fake AAA ratings on what is essentially junk paper is completely and utterly brought to light, until people go to prisons for their actions in creating this fraud, the "fulll faith and credit" of the US Government (and it's taxpayers) is on the edge of an abyss.

This "stimulus" package does not in any way address these issues, and while the FBI is investigating 500 cases of corporate fraud, no charges have been laid on anyone.

And the chatter about mortgage modifications is empty talk. The second half of this article explains clearly why that is.

CNBC's showing House of Cards is waking many people up to what has really happened here. That knowledge helps them see clearly that this stimulus will not fix the problem.

MANY people are talking about it. They are PISSED OFF over having more national debt that they and their progeny will be paying for a long time to come, especially when that money WON'T FIX THE REAL PROBLEM.

There are MANY websites out there trying to organize people to protest. Half the country (at least) was against this stimulus, but it passed anyways. And Obama is clearly "owning" it as he stumps around the country trying to garner public support for it.

There are a LOT of relatively and completely unstable people in our country, and to make matters even worse, we already have drug shortages occurring. Do read that link, it discusses how pharmacies are not having enough OxyContin! Now, you get a Oxy addict (whether from pain or not) without their drug for just a few days and you have an ugly problem. Now put a gun in their hand, take away their job, and have Obama in their town, and you have the potential for the worse.

So if I am having a "wild fantasy" at least mine is based of reality, and not the fantasy that this stimulus will help this country.

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