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Historic Legatus Meetings and Dates for Reinhardt Enthusiasts

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posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 07:47 PM
This should help a lot of people out if they are still trying to figure what's going on with his predictions.

Historic Legatus Meetings:

2001 February 8-10 Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Florida
(Where is September 2001 info? Ugh...)
2002 May 21-23 Legatus Pro-Life D.C.
2002 Sept 16-30 France-Rome-Poland
2002 July 11 Philadelphia - Leadership Conference
2002 July 22-28 Toronto World Youth Day
2003 February 6-8 Los Angelas CA Annual Conference
2003 May 20-22 Washington DC Pro-Life Pilgrimage
2003 Sept 19-29 Pilgrimage to Rome (Austria Extension)
2004 Feb 5-7 International Summit
2004 May 18-20 Pro Life Pilgrimage to Washington DC
2004 Sep 16-27 Krakow & Rome Pilgrimage
2004 Sep 24-26 Spiritual Retreat Belleville, IL
2005 Feb 3-5 Annual International Summit
2005 May 22-24 5th Annual ProLife Pilgrimage Washington DC
2005 Sep 15-19 European Pilgrimage Dublin VIP Tour
2005 Sept 16-26 Dublin & Rome Pilgrimage
2006 Feb 2-4 Legatus Summit Naples FL
2006 April 5-7 Washington DC Pro Life Pilgrimage
2006 Sep 21-23 Legatus Fall Summit Napa, CA
2006 Oct 16-29 Israel & Rome Pilgrimage
2007 Feb 1-3 Winter Summit Naples, FL
2007 April 11-13 Pro Life Conference Washington DC
2007 Sept 19-21 Fall Summit Colorado Springs, CO
2008 January 30 Winter Summit Naples FL
2008 April 16-18 Washington DC
2008 Oct 2-4 Fall Summit Meeting Seattle, WA
2009 Feb 5-7 Bermuda Summit Meeting
2009 May 6-8 Washington DC Pro Life Pilgrimage
2010 Feb 4-6 Annual Summit Dana Point, CA

Web Archive

Here's an interesting spreadsheet as well:
Legatus vs. Dow

Make of it what you will. There does not seem to be a direct correlation between Legatus meetings and the rise / fall of the DJIA overall. To me it's pretty random. Should clear up quite a bit of junk out of people's minds

But this does not discredit his world view of intentional corporate fraud and the illegal transference of tax dollars into the hands of globalists--it just clears up a big misunderstanding many have at the moment with his blog postings.

posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 08:27 PM
I just see a lot of "Pro life" "Rome" "Israel" stuff.

Is it any wonder why the forums would be set off?

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