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Ultimate Chemtrail Chaser in NJ

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posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 07:32 PM
After seeing these planes from the west leaving these long expanding lines in the sky I decided to take a look. So I headed west where I knew there was an Air Force base. As I get close to the base these planes fly right over my head. The pics don't do it justice but I saw yellow piping on the belly of the planes with two pipes that looked like nozzles coming out the back. Add that to all the other video and pictures I have been taking and it lends a lot of validity to the so-called Chemtrail conspiracy. You can visit my site if you would like. I will have another site up soon and will continue my investigation to get you better footage.

Here it is

posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 07:39 PM
So where are the pictures of the planes with the suspicious piping? I did not get anything from your noisy road trip.

posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 10:12 PM
this is so dumb,,,so you drove out to mcguire afb to shoot video of refueling planes?????

you do realize the tail in the back is for refueling

they go over my house all day long at probably 200 to 600 ft and i've never seen these yellow belly nozzles you talk of,,, nor have i seen anything that's not supposed to be there

i can read the numbers and clearly see the flags on the tails,,,
if i was gonna believe in chemtrails at least people with evidence of grid patterns would be a bit more believable

do you know what contrails are,,,,,

so tell us,, why are these chemtrails not contrails?????

if you want a real conspiracy involving mcguire afb,,,,,,the ground, on the base and surrounding area has been deemed a toxic waste site,, because of spilled and leaking fuel

and the gov't has been notified about this and another contaminated base i believe in california,,,,,however they refuse to open the letter,,,report,etc stating that

so,, if they don't open the letter, report apparently our ground here is not contaminated and no action needs to be taken
now that's a conspiracy

the most interesting thing i'ver seen living 1 mile from the base is a big,,,cheap looking blimp flying around,,,seemingly outside base grounds,,,it had no logo and looked like a kmart brand blimp

maybe it was doing gov't surveying or something for future additions,,,,the weird part is it was close to the base area and would obviously have needed clearance to be in that proximity

all you did was tape something that happens here 24/7,,,planes take off,planes land,,,,touch and go's

once in a while f-16's come from atlantic city to do touch and go's which is cool

if you think that was chemtrails then you should link up with the guy in this thread
fema camp on mcguire ft dix
maybe you can break the fema conspiracy wide open
and another

oh geez he's a ron paul fan as well,,,, don't tarnish the movement with chemtrail ramblings,,,, at least yell at something like the fed,, or erroding freedoms

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 07:59 PM
i see you visited ats today feb. 16,,,,why no replies to us,, who took the time to watch your video???????????

was it not the response you wanted??? so you won't reply????


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