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How to trap a whole Herd of Wild Animals

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posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 02:08 PM
1. Step one is to find a location where these animals run free
2. Start to leave food in this location, it may take time but wait until they start to eat the food on a regular basis and return to this location because of the free food offered.
3. Now place four large poles in the ground these will be the corners of the pen you will create to capture the herd.
4. Wait until the herd returns and starts to eat the food again before moving to the next step, make sure to do this between all steps.
5. build the walls one wall at a time, making sure to leave enough time between the building of the walls for the herd to get acclimated to the new enclosure
6. Once all walls are built and the herd comes and goes freely still reliant on the food you are leaving, then and only then build a gate that will close the final entrance and exit of the pen.
7. The final step is to set a snare on the food and when the herd goes in of their own free will still reliant upon the ”free” food you are leaving for them, they are trapped.

How does the herd feel about all of this? Well at first they are very happy to have food that they don’t have to work to find. They become reliant upon that food and return everyday and stop looking for food in the old fashioned way. As the world around them slowly changes they keep on reassuring themselves, this is safe, we are still free. We can come and go as we please. Yes the world is changing around us but its just a few poles, its only a new wall, a second new wall, a third and a fourth. Then one day the gate is closed and they are all slaughtered. Then and only then do they realize there is no such thing as a free lunch

Does this sound like any country or civilization you can think of? Draw your own conclusions, but I see the poles, and the walls, and now I see the gate. I am in the pen; I will not be slaughtered.

increase the peace
Focus your energy on a non violent solution.

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