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Scientology project raises questions, ire in Wyo.

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posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 09:52 AM
I was amused by this story that I read this morning regarding the construction of "secretive" Scientology facility on 3,500 acres in Wyoming.

The church claims that it is a 22,000 sq.ft. underground vault facility to store records. Hmm...
Complete with a 3,500 caretakers house and an airstrip. The kicker is that they have failed to apply for 2 required permits and were told to stop building back in Sept. They still continue to build without permits. The county is still contemplating legal action. This facility will be finished long before any legal proceedings occur.

No permits... I would imagine that no blueprints were submitted either.

I would think that this could be a doomsday survival structure to house the Scientology elite. I would bet that the airstrip is large enough for Travolta to land one of his larger planes.

Interesting story and a classic conspiracy nonetheless.

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 10:03 AM
I personally never undesrtood why anyone has to pay the state to build on their own land. I can understand it frm a safety aspect but this is simply because they want to charge more yearly taxes and collect more revenue.

I'm not a sicentoligy supporter but I respect what they're doing. Everyone should build on their own land if they wish and not be subject to the corruption of people who are trying to own every resource. We have juct as many rights to all resources mother earth provides and we should also be able to0 collect revenue.

It's not enough that wehave to pay taxes on land we own but need to run it by them so they can charge more for a bigger dwelling?

Good for the scientology cult. Everyone should follow their example and the example set before us by our govt.

"Be a liar, cheat and immoral human and you to can prosper financially beyond your wildest dreams"

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