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Religion and Science

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posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 02:07 AM
How yall doing, I was just wondering why there is such a rift between Science and Religion, it seems like another pointless thing that leads to Humanity not working together, I mean surely there has to be a way in which the two could work together.

Personally I am a pretty spiritual person(not religious) I mean there a forces out there that can't be explained by science as there are things which are purely scientific and no real unknown force behind it.
And since most Religions have basically the same ideals, just with different names and systems, why does it matter as long as it all leads to peace and harmony, I mean is the god religion claims is all knowing and peaceful really that worried about whether you call him GOD or ALLAH or JAHWEH or whatever as long it brings peace to yourself and others it shouldn't really matter.

Now I say I am spiritual and if my religion has to have a name it would be TAOISM, it seems like a good medium, sure it believes in multiple gods(an apparent sin) but it doesnt believe in putting other beliefs down as long as they believe in peace, as it doesnt say Humans are the Best most like the Creator beings in the universe it says everything, every plant, every human, every animal, every rock is equally partial in the universe, Aliens can exists as they probably do when you think about how many Billions upon billions of stars and planets there are, yet no matter there technology or whatever they were created by natural forces and means in one way or another and thus are the same in the grand scheme of the infinite.

I know it sounds like I am preaching and imposing my beliefs on others and for that I sincerly apologize I didnt mean to. But why such hatred between Different religions and Scientists who try to explain everything in this universe has a logical reason behind it. As long as it all brings peace and development to our planet there is no reason why a scientist can't believe somethings truly are a miracle and Religious folks admit that it doesnt matter whose name you say in your prayers in the slightest. The unexplainable forces which drive the universe have many names.

What are you gonna go on a space age crusade when we discover life simply because they belive they're god they pray to and makes their race peaceful is called Zalmax and has 6 eyes and grasshopper legs?


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