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I've never EVER seen a UFO

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posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 08:35 PM
But I do believe in them. There's so much compelling testimony you have to be driven by faith to deny there must be some truth in the phenomena.

I'd be really interested to hear how many people who post on this forum are the same as me. Believers but not first hand witnesses.

Mr E

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 09:02 PM
I've witnessed a few times in my life strange ufo's in the sky...if you live in a city without light pollution (meaning you can see the stars clearly at night) I suggest watching the stars for about 20 minutes...Your bound to see some blinking lights that are too high up and strange objects floating around...
I can't even begin to tell you how easy it is to identify a UFO to say a plane...or something.

I also suggest doing some research, open up your mind a bit...And dont listen to anyone but yourself when it comes to what you believe in.

Also- there are billions of planets, thousands of them can most likely support life and all of our genes are "extra-terrestrial" whether or not its humans flying around up there from this planet or extra-terrestrials, you deserve to know whats flying around up there and that there could be something else besides what we know and are forced to live through everyday....

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 09:18 PM
I was heading toward the hospital the day my dad died, and I would swear I saw a UFO, in the sky, I could pass a lie detector test. But my reasoning says that all the stress inside me was the cause for a hallucination. It was midday though arounnd 1pm no clouds just one ufo doing zig zags to a stand still, the five seconds straight up, very definitive. But I have to assume it was all a hallucination.

Would've used my camera phone, but preoccupied thoughts were elsewhere. I do believe in them though, reasonably the universe is huge, and saying where the only things out there is arrogant.

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 09:31 PM
reply to post by AceOfAces

I'm not entirely sure I want to see a UFO, certainly I'm unsure about the idea of witnessing a genuine ET. Most people who've had contact seem to end up a little damaged by the experience. If you take the analogy of "waking up" then think of me as someone who after a pretty nasty jolt is still in bed, eyes half open, wondering if he really wants to get up. Quite comfy here in bed semi-conscious.

Your comment that I should not "listen to anyone but yourself when it comes to what you believe in" is precisely what I want to avoid. I'm here to learn from others and find out more.

In fact it concerns me how close belief in the reality of earth visiting ETs is to religious faith. Religious people don't listen to anyone but themselves and look where that got us!

I think there's truth in the ET contact theory but I worry that I've just lost my ability to think critically enough and have fallen into the trap of believing in something because I want to. Are there any people on here who, like me, believe but haven't seen with their own eyes?

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 09:39 PM

Originally posted by Republican08
But my reasoning says that all the stress inside me was the cause for a hallucination.

See that's really interesting to me because I think if I'd had an experience where I did see something I'm more than sure I'd do the same as you.

However I'm always fascinated by other people's experiences and in my mind I believe you probably did see something but you're just not letting yourself admit it.

It's late, I'm not sure I'm making sense. Hopefully this string will continue to grow into an interesting discussion. I'm sure I'm not alone in being a believer who has no 'proof' other than the testimony of others.

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 09:42 PM
there is too much smoke and i bet that there must be a fire behind it after all.
some have even seen the fire up close.
As for the rest of us. By now we have at least seen an alien movie.

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 09:50 PM
reply to post by Mr Erisian

I was always fascinated with UFOs, space and the whole Universe really, since I can remember.

Regarding UFOs it might have had something to do with my mother, she was prone to having "weird experiences" so she must've talked about them frequently. I never took her experiences and stories very seriously though, I was always very skeptical and I still am.

In the last 4 years I got my own place and moved to a place near the beach. Since then I've had 2 sightings I haven't been able to explain.

One back in 2006 when I went with my dog to the beach at 2am, and one more recently, this past summer at around 10pm. This last one I was with 3 other people, relatives and friends, and it truly baffled us. The first one was just strange lights and flight patterns I didn't actually saw any solid object. This last one however, I actually got to see a solid object.

However, having had these sightings didn't really change the way I looked at the UFO phenomena, nor its legitimacy. Even before having had these sightings, from documentaries I watched, to books I read, accounts of people I knew, I always thought there was something more to the phenomena other than misidentifications and hoaxes.

But the sightings didn't really change anything for me. For starters because I didn't get any more answers. I know what I saw, and I'm thankful that in the second sighting I had other people with me, but I can't speak to the nature of what it was. I can't say for sure that it was aliens, or time travelers, or whatever the theory might be.

Before I had the sightings I also felt the way most people who believe do: I REALLY wanted to see one. Looking back I'm not sure if I wouldn't take it back. Not that the experiences were negative, but they left me without any answers.

And to me, worse that not having answers to something you believe in, is witnessing something, knowing what you are seeing is real and yet you're left with the same doubts and questions. It was really frustrating to me.

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 10:18 PM
I was interested and pretty much felt that UFOs were real while at the same time I gave the skeptic side excessive acknowledgement.

Then I had a sighting in July 2008 while driving to work on the Thruway near where I live. It wasn't a peculiar light in the sky either. It started as a row of lights arranged vertically slowly passing through the view of buildings in town. The best way i could describe the initial sighting is imagine a helicopter with a 50-100 ft tow line attached with lights mounted on the tow line. There was a pulsing white light at the top, two larger blue lights mounted horizontally in the middle and a red light at the lowest point.

As I drove closer, I could make out a vertical cigar type of craft that appeared to be as big as buildings moving very slowly. I lost it when I drove by a few hi-rise buildings right next to the thruway that were blocking my view. When I cleared the buildings and got on the exit for my work place, it came blazing overhead. It was quite large, fast and had two large glowing blue lights in the center with the red and white lights now at each end. Elevation was low, I would guess 500ft.

I came to a dead stop in my van in the middle of the exit to stick my head out the window for a better look. In a matter of seconds, a few cars came up behind me so I started moving again. I raced around the exit to where I could get a clear view but when I got there, the craft was nowhere to be seen. It was big, silent, and moved very slowly the 1st time and blazing fast the next time. I reported it on MUFON as soon as I got to work.

I can't for the life of me explain why no one else saw or reported it as this was in a downtown area over a fairly active thruway. My guess and belief is that whatever visits us has an ability to perform some telepathic cloaking and when there's some kind of glitch, this kind of unusual sighting happens. That also leads me to believe that the mass sightings are without a doubt man made objects.

I can't stop watching the skies now to the point where its almost annoying. Outside of the MUFON report, I've remained hush. MUFON called but I didn't want to pursue it any further. When my wife, kid and neighbor had asked me if I ever saw a UFO I responded with a firm "no". I have a fear of being labled crazy over the whole incident.

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 10:33 PM
reply to post by Mr Erisian

Im in the same boat to a degree, been interested in UFO's (and all things paranormal and conspiratorial... especially interested in Bigfoot) since I was a little 3 year old reading/looking at the pictures the paranormal books in the bookshelf of our old house as I grew up.

Grew up with Mom telling me stories of her watching from her porch at night, V formations of lights flying over the Tokaroa bush and pine logging forests where she lived as a kid (1940's early 50's). She also had alot of books about UFO contact and the like such as Amdamski's books which I grew up reading (although I have rather changed opinions on Adamski and a few others like him from his era).

I would say I only have a single UFO experiance but i dont count it as one all that much since it was so short, and so long ago its a little hazzy these days.

Back in 88 or 89 I was walking home from primary school (would have been about 3:30 pm I would assume) I was about 9years old or so was walking up my road (which was quite steep and was right next to the local beach and coast line) with a friend and there was two other kids we knew about 10 yards in front of us further up the road, I looked up and out over the valley out to the sea and noticed Oh a good 200 foot up either over the bottom of our road or given the angles when I think about it now (if it was out over the beach it would have been a good 400 meters away if it was over the bottom of the road it would have been about 200), out over the beach was basically a silver sphere or near sphere like object given the distance probably either 15-30 maybe 40 feet across.

Now I say 'wow look at that a UFO!' as all excitable kids tend to do and turn to my friend and tell him and point it out and my friend sees it and we yell and tell the kids in front 'hey look at that' and they suddenly start pointing at it and yelling 'Ufo! ufo!', I turn back to get another look at it as they start this pointing and yelling and I find that its gone completely from view, nothing to see anywhere which was kinda disappointing since I only got to really see it for that initial 3 seconds or so before turning away to tell the others. We all go home and i tell mom about it, never found out what the other kids thought... which was stupid of me.

Still not sure what it was to this day since it looked to damn similar to a released silver balloon pretty much, the only thing that makes me think otherwise is the reaction of the other kids and the fact one moment it was there and the next gone completely. It was motionless, no visible string underneath and real reflective, and given the distance pretty large for a balloon. If it was a balloon it timed its 'pop' pretty good but I didnt see any silver balloon parts drifting down to the ground so who knows.

Might have been a UFO might have been a simple silver balloon some poor kid lost.

Anyway sorry about that long story, but like you I believe but haven't got any first hand experiences of note. My beliefs in the field take in a little of every thing and i temper it all with a little pessimism after all theres some nutty theories out there that might be true but a good chance they aint... guess ill just have to take my chances with hedging my bets both ways.

heh hey Converge nice to see someone else with a slightly 'odd' mother who had their interests peaked (although alot more for me it seems) by their stories as a kid.

I was lucky growing up in a house surrounded by numerous books, we had and still have bookshelves where next to astronomy guides and books on the universe you'll also find books about UFO's and the paranormal, natural wonders, ancient civilizations and every other type of book in between. Some kids i knew grew up with almost nothing like that in their houses... its even worse these days.

Although these days I live out in a rural town not to far from where my mom grew up, seen umteen shooting stars, iridium satellite flareups, fall stars, even a really amazing bluegreen iron bollide metor streak over the night sky here. Saw a impressive white shooting star breakup a month ago directly above me while i was doing my nightly vigil. I did see an odd sight of 4 slow moving 'satellites' 3 moving in a straight line with 1 off to the left a distance moving parallel to the front one a year ago but im sure they where satellites although ive never seen a string of satellites ever, never ever, and ive seen alot of satellites in my life. So that ones still 'undecided'...

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posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 01:27 AM

Originally posted by GEORGETHEGREEK
there is too much smoke and i bet that there must be a fire behind it after all.
some have even seen the fire up close.
As for the rest of us. By now we have at least seen an alien movie.

That’s the best way I could explain my obsession with this subject.

Other than that, I would say that it’s just logical for there to be other forms of life and realities out there. Whatever is out there is not so much of the problem to me as to all the mysticism and drama that I have to put up with in this world for disclosure and closer.
Of course I do not underestimate the chock and fear factor in face of a second or third kind encounter; because I’ve been kept in the dark for so long, my eyes are accustomed to it. So it will hurt when the light of outer contact will hit me. Nevertheless, I strongly wish it.

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 03:26 AM
Join the club. I have seen many unidentified lights in the sky but none have ever given me cause to suspect anything but terrestrial origin.

I watch satellites and stars most nights. When I was a young man I spent a few years in the air force and have friends who are still military pilots. Most are now with the airlines.

Most people do not understand the plethora of prosaic phenomena that can give rise to "lights in the sky". A jiggling out of focus light blob on video does not impress me much.

However there are possibly 1% of encounters with truly independent witnesses for which the ET hypothesis is the best fit.

If you see a light change direction through 360 degrees, and change speeds at altitude then clearly intelligent control is necessary. If there is no terrestrial explanation we must consider the ET hypothesis.

As Arthur C CLarke said, (I paraphrase) advanced technology, to a primitive will be indistinguishable from magic.

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 05:52 AM
I've watched the sky for over thirty years using my eyes, binoculars and a range of large aperture telescopes and I have to say, I've seen nothing I can't explain. I've seen many planets, lots of stars, nebulas and satellites. I've photographed eclipses, the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn. I've recorded hours of meteor shower data. I've video'd the ISS and I've imaged spiralling jets of dust around a comet. I watched Halley pass by and photographed Comet Holmes. I've seen a shiny metallic orb in broad daylight, I was convinced it was a UFO. It turned out to be Venus. I've seen every kind of man-made aircraft, but I've seen nothing that cannot be explained and in many cases, predicted.

I'd love to see a genuine UFO, but the more I observe and learn, the less likely it seems.


posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 06:18 AM
Nice thread. Personally i've never seen a UFO. But I live where there's a lot of light pollution, so it makes it hard. I still spend a lot of time looking up hoping I might see something. Or even when travelling on a plane I spend most the time looking out the window lol. Although i've seen a few 'different' things up in the sky I think most if not all could be explained by the usual, satellites, iridium flares or helium balloon.

But maybe 1 day!

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 07:03 AM
I live in a biult up area right under a flight path for both Gatwick AND heathrow airports.
So I'even I'm a bit screwed when it comes to seeing one that can't be explained, even though I had a few " ooh , is that UFO ?" moments.

I have seen one , many years ago in Clapham , South London, its was 88-89 if I remember correctly , I was seeing a girl over there and I went into her garden to get some fresh air, ( she smoked) and it was crisp clear night.
I looked up at the stars and saw 3 yellowish lights high in the sky, picture a triangle with a light on each side all moving along the edge from one corner to the next, all at the same speed and same distance from the points. No it wasn't a satelite , or plane, and definitley NOT one of the triangular UFO's.It was 3 seperate objects.
I wasn't scared , but because it was fairly dark I had a torch, wuite a large one, so I shone the light towards the glowing objects , as soon as the beam was in their direction they split apart and shot off at high speed out of sight.
I was well chuffed for seeing my first UFO. I still wait to see my next one, Hopefully soon.

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 09:50 AM
I've never witnessed anything in person and never really got into UFO's or ET's until about 5 years ago. I've always been fascinated with the idea of them but when I started actually looking into all of the reports and evidence of coverups, creditable witness sitings from military personel, pilots, austronauts, videos of unexplained arial craft and ot to mention the idea that we're the only intelligent life in the universe from a very young planet I think to believe that is rediculouos. I'm young but I'm not stupid or crazy. My wife shares a lot of the same opinions on this subject that I do but she sometimes tells her clients about how into I am and they think I'm a kook or something. "he believes in little green aliens" Well if thats the way you want to look at it yes, but not exactly. Although I look at them the same way for being so closed minded to think that we have this truthfull goverment who would never lie to the citizens of the US about coevering up eveidence of ET technology. HAAAAAaaaaa.... Pull your head out of your @ss people... They are real and they are here!

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 09:59 AM
I know it isn't exactly what you are looking for, but I am just the opposite of you...I am a skeptic that has had not one, but two first-hand sightings. Interestingly enough, I did not have the sightings until I was a skeptic.

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 10:15 AM
I only had one (and a major one at that) sighting before I actively started looking up on a routine basis to look for UFOs. I've since had around three good sightings, one with a witness, but nothing of the type that I originally encountered close to thirty years ago as a child.

Despite my sightings I remain skeptical of other paranormal phenomenon (ghosts or other spiritual things) other than the reality of ET visitation to this planet.

To be completely open about my sightings, I actually have never seen an extraterrestrial. Just vehicles that I assume are operated by them. I'm sure some think I go too far in my assumptions as to what I've witnessed, but I remain firm on the notion that extraterrestrials are secretly, perhaps subversively, observing and interacting with this planet and its inhabitants.

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 02:17 PM
Care to explain this statement? ( I doubt you will even be reading the responses..) What does being driven by faith have to do with denying UFOs?
That makes absolutely no sense, so I'd love to hear why you said that but I doubt you are really reading these, you posted your question then sat back enjoyin the fact we'd respond to such a question.

Originally posted by Mr Erisian
There's so much compelling testimony you have to be driven by faith to deny there must be some truth in the phenomena.

Mr E

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 02:29 PM
I witnessed 2 in one week over last summer, but was a believer before that.

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 02:45 PM
Im also a believer but have never seen one in person.

I have studied videos, testimonys, articles, disclosure projects, everything that i can find on the net. But I have never seen anything strange. Maybe because I live in a populated area, or they just dont like Dallas.
One thing is for sure, im still hopeing to see one for myself.

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