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Two interviews about crash retrievals and aliens.

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posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 07:53 AM
For those interested of course and not reading them before are here two in my opinion very interesting interviews from Paola Harris.

First interview is with Clifford Stone by Paola Leopizzi Harris with the help of his collaborator Joseph Zeromski an aerospace engineer. September 2008

Clifford Stone.

Some of them look like us, but all of them have an aspect that – I don’t understand it completely, but it’s what you’d call alter-dimensional. But they have families, just like us. And one thing it’s hard to tell anybody, is that they accept the existence of what we call God. We are slowly approaching that time when we will be able to scientifically prove that something survives physical death. Once that happens, we will be well on our way to a greater understanding of that which we call God.

Joseph Zeromski.

No, because being an aerospace engineer, I looked at it more scientifically, how the craft would travel from one galaxy to another using wormhole technology, I checked with different national societies and other sites, and this technology definitely does exist. This is something Clifford talks about, and you can’t make it up.

Second interview is with Timothy Good By Paola Leopizzi Harris. August 11, 2007

TG: I would also suggest that many of these beings have been on this planet a great deal longer than we have. So they’re not just visiting, they’re people that have been on this planet longer than Homo Sapiens and in fact were responsible for our development. We are a hybridized race.

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