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Close encounter

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posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 03:00 AM
hiya all at ATS i posted this on another tread before i made an intro so i will introduce myself,Graeme from Gretna in Scotland, i have been interested in UFOs since an early experience which i will add here if it works, i would be glad to hear what everyone thinks of my experience.

hiya Free4Ever and Cait and the rest of the members at ATS.I will start by telling you that i was in a bad car accident and nearly lost my life in august2007 on the way to watch rangers ,i was airlifted from Dumfries ti the Southern general hospital in Glasgow with multiple injuries including a brain injury so sorry if my writing is not to cohesive.
In 1978 when i was sixteen me and three friends were on our way back from a place called Annan to Ecclefechan where we all lived at the time as we neared the Fechan ( i was in the back seat on the passengers side) i looked out the window(dark at the time)and was amazed,shocked ,awestruck, to see this craft,instantly i knew i was looking at something not of this world, it was typically saucer shaped and was omitting a bluish , indigo hue with light ,green , white, and orangy rotating round the middle.
it was around100 yards away in the field and was flying parallel to the road at around the same speed as our car. it maintained a steady pace for around the mile we had left to get to the village .as soon as i saw it i told the rest of the boys to look to their lefts, they all saw it and were in awe, whooping and shouting.
when we got to Fechan the craft flew over the top of us and i looked out the window at the underside of it and it looked like a dull metallic ,like lead colour, it then headed south at the same speed and we decide to follow it.we
followed it for around 2 miles into the village of Eaglesfield. it kept around 100 -200 yards ahead of us. we approached this village and the craft stopped and hovered around 75 yards away , i opened the window to get a clear look
and realised that there was no noise coming from it , totally silent.
We watched for around five minutes then i asked my mate Andrew to flash his lights at it which he did and to our surprise the craft flashed back at us . not a beam but more a pulse of light, the whole craft just seemed to glow 2or 3 times brighter.
At that we took fright and bombed the car home, i looked out the rear window and the thing was following us. By This time we were all really frightened . Tore into the village and they dropped me of at home, this craft by then had flown over my house and out of sight. i rushed into the house and woke my parents up in a right state, father grabbed the 20X50s and when we went to the window and looked out there were now 3 of them around half a mile away hovering,we watched them for around an hour and eventually had to go to bed .
That's what happened and was what started my long term interest in the UFO subject.
I hope you don't mind but i,m exhausted mentally putting this down but tomorrow if you like i will tell you about the UFOs me and the wife and one of her friends seen in the last couple of months.Nothing as mind blowing as this but the way these others showed up is quite intriguing , so if you don't mind ill post a bit more up tomorrow

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posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 05:30 PM
First, welcome from an englishman in france to you there in scotland. How's the snowfall up there?

That's a great story you've told us there and I strongly recommend posting it into the "UFO & Alien" forum. I'm sure it would get lots of interesting comments and you may find people who've had similar encounters near you. We have quite a few scottish members here.

So enjoy your stay, have fun and once again...welcome.

posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 03:05 PM
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You will find ATS to be another type of encounter ...
One of the close kind. Keep an open mind, dont shut out
views that may be different than yours...

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