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The Multivers,SubUnivers and SurUnivers

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posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 12:56 AM
Ive been developing a very big thoery pursuing the 11dimesion cord theory that can explain the overuniverse, some say paradise but like our own universe this have an inifinity of possibility like the subuniverses, hell for some, and much more universes upside and below (this extremely hard to explain)Ive created a diagram that is the expending of the yin/yang sing ill post it tomorow or soon. Let's go! First Imagine our universe is a "buble"/particule of etheric energie, than if you see in the buble on axes x,y,z imagine etheric tube, then in these tube there are "buble" flowing and moving through these tube (and colisioning sometime, we wil talk about that later), ok these buble/particule containg all a universe in our ther are the infinity of possibility of each of universe on the energy level these universes are. So in our universe the "hells possibility" as these etheric particule represent the yang energy and the cord flowing in liberty in universe represent the yin energy(each cord and particule have deferent vibration) so if we see what particule gut the suruniverse there are neutral because they are neutral unverse and there cord are positive soo "paradise" because there vibration are 75%yin 25%yang ,so it the inverse for subuniverses. Our universe is a balanced and have physical law because the energy stade of it is 50%yin 50%yang so we always think why "hells" and "paradises" dont have physical law it because of the energy stade that is not balanced. So what apenning when 2 particules have a collision this creating a another one and relasing a new cord(universe creation is not exetional) that explain universe acceleration and accroissement by time.

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posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 01:10 AM
Ok now understanding what interlink universe (there are plenty in below state and ifinite in uper state of energy) For now I'll just describeb the 5 universe in our overstate of energy so
1- Underunivers
Energy: 100%yang
Soul type: a Devil(Total divibility)

Energy: 75%yang 25%yin
Soul type: Demons (Great Divisibility)

3- Universe
Energy:50%yang 50%yin
Soul type: Humanoid and living creature and plants (Midle Unitiy)

4- Suruniverse
Energy: 25%yang 75%yin
Soul type: Angels (Great Unity)

5- Overuniverse
Energy: 100% yin
Soul type: God (complete unity)

""Unity is about souls linking so god is just not one soul""


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