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Don't let this man "DIE" because of Pfizer's lack of transparency.

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posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 08:56 PM
- My name is Tiffany and the man in this video, Tim Moorley, was my good friend and next door neighbor in Ontario, Canada when his original symptoms appeared in 2004.

If you know someone using this drug it would be beneficial to watch all of Tim's video's on YouTube.

This is my fiancees blog and he asked me to tell a bit of what I know about what happened to Tim.

Tim and his girlfriend Bobbi were my next door neighbors in 2004. They have 4 small daughters and moved to British Columbia, Canada a few years ago.

I remember the first time I knew something was wrong with Tim. He looked very sick. He was very weak and getting extremely thin very quickly. Eventually Tim told us he had gangrene in his foot, I believe thats what the doctor at the hospital had told him. He got worse and worse until one night I was sitting at home alone watching television and suddenly heard a sound next door like someone had fallen down the stairs followed by very loud screaming and moaning. I called Bobbi`s house and got no answer so I went next door to see what had happened. I knocked and again no answer, at which point I looked in the front window and saw Tim laying on the floor screaming and crying. I saw his foot for the first time that night and I understand why he was screaming like he was. It looked like a war wound. It was black and green with open sores. It looked like his own body was trying to eat itself. He then dragged himself with his last ounce of strength to the door and unlocked it to let me in. I asked him what was wrong and he told me to leave because he didn`t want me to see him crying. At this point Bobbi pulled into the parking lot and informed me that she had already called an ambulance. I waited for the ambulance to take him away and returned home.

If Tim was made to believe that the drug he was taking was safe and this is what happened to him as a result then someone needs to be held responsible.

What if the next time a drug company wants to test a new drug, your loved one becomes the guinea pig??

This man needs help spreading the word about drug companies so we can have the way things are done changed!!

Now my take on this is the "Powers to be" have a huge stake in the pharmaceutical industry, and as most Secret Society followers believe the media as well. This is why Tim's post's to CNN's blogs have been deleted and why you never hear about it on the mainstream news networks.

There is a facebook group where you can be updated with what is happening with the class action lawsuit, and Tim's Hunger strike which is at day 45! Join the fight against tyranical and oppressive forces. (one of many forms) at P# Pfizer group on facebook. I hope that's aloud moderators? #=F#$%

Their are alot of people on this website who want to fight back against these "secret rulers" this is a way to do it. Fight until there is proper regulations, public review and restrictions on the testing of pharmaceutical drugs.

Either way, our ancestors died for our freedoms and liberties, which we now take for granted. We need to draw a line in the sand somewhere! Not just for these people effected by Celebrex, but by other drugs and possible future drugs. We need to make the future safe for our children, we need to SCREAM!!! no more abuse to humanity!! We out number you and are not going to take it anymore! Please forward this through e-mail, facebook, my space, anything!! Then go talk to your politician and don't let him/her forget where their pay check comes from.

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posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 09:53 PM
I can relate, I was given Vioxx and had horrible reactions. Of course I was told that all of my symptoms, including my elephant sized ankles and feet that were deep purple could not have been been caused by Vioxx. I cut my leg at one point and my blood was black and tar-like. It was the most frightened I have ever been in my life. The poison (Vioxx) was given to me at the doctor's office, they were "samples", not a prescription. I told the doctor that anti-inflammatorys made me very sick and I didn't want to take them, he said these wouldn't do that and I would be fine. Thanks doc. That nightmare snowballed to worse things that made my life a living hell. I look back and wonder how I ever got through it.
I don't trust doctors nor medication.
I am so sorry that Tim is going through this and that his side effects are still life threatening. After watching his videos, I feel blessed that I made it through it and am able to move on. He on the other hand can not due to the lasting effects it's had on him. I'm not one for praying however I will pray for him and his family. I'd also like to thank him for pursuing this crime and getting it out there. He is a brave man.

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 01:51 PM
reply to post by curiositydidnotkillthecat

Thanx, now if only it could get enough attention he might be able to change the pharmaceutical industries evil ways of testing products. That and we are way to trusting to them! Where did this trust come from? Cause it just takes one thing to be hidden or covered-up in a drug to ruin millions of lives (the family and friends of the victim are hurt bad too).

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 12:09 AM
Wow, Thanks for helping to spread the word. My name is Bobbi, I am Tims girlfriend and I think I pretend sometimes to be strong, for Tim. But in quiet moments I sometimes feel the urge to just give up the fight. He is brave. (and hungry!!!) What gives him his strength, is the truth. He gives me mine.
The media wont even take us seriously because the situation and occurance of events, details' like a crazy fictional story. I get that, but if someone would just take the time ( Like you all have!) to really listen, I think their opinion would drastically change.
I appreciate the support. From the core of who I am, thank you for listening and taking the time.
Things will change, I can feel it.

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 01:27 AM
I'm replying to this thread for two reasons. One I think it needs to be bumped to the front page and two, more people should be aware of stuff like this happening. I hope this man's plight is given the attention it deserves. Folks like to talk about conspiracies, well, here is a real one right here and this guy needs some help.

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