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What do we WANT!! and what do we NEED?!

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posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 07:10 PM
Imagine it would be the 5th december, 2012...

Approximately 300km above earths atmosphere, 2 fat bellied, bored little green aliens having a loud conversation..


Garbunkel: Sh*t man! its almost the 21st of december 2012!$@#@!

Tootsie: Ohh crap! what we gonna do Gar?!..

Garbunkel: I dunno ..

Tootsie: Shall I call Dad?..

Garbunkel: Noooooo! .. we'll check out for ourselfs what we gonna do!

Tootsie: Yeah!...? but how you suppose, we gonna find that out Gar ?

Garbunkel: < sigh > WE'LL JUST ASK!

Tootsie: ask who?

Garbunkel: The people of earth you spaceturd..

Tootsie: Ooh! sure thang Gar! I'm on me way!


Tootsie: Whats the matter bro?

Garbunkel: WHAT are you going to ask them silly?

Tootsie: I guess just what they WANT?..And what they NEED

Garbunkel: Oh..okay < sigh >

Garbunkel: I wonder.. < sigh >


So that raises 2 questions,

If you go beyond the gap of religion and war, terrorism and hatred for each other,

And if there is something or someone coming to save us from this spiral of doom.

- WHAT we would we WANT as a human race all as one.


- WHAT would we NEED as a human race.

Now im not a firm believer of the global enlightenment kind of thing, altough it would be better than some solar flare messing up my hair...

But IF something is coming to earth in a positive way, what would we want and need the most?

Your opinion please



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posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 06:45 AM
Garbunkel & Tootsi?
I must say I couldn't resist laughing

But interesting question my friend, also one that most of us easely wave away because.. ''Why would think about stuff like that!''

If you look at what we want I think you can't get 1 straight answer, people just want different stuff.

'need' is another story I think, maybe we are not seeing clearly what we truly need, if you ask me : Some messiah to get bring the world back in balance

But maybe im not seeing the entire picture as I said before.



posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 09:05 PM
The only , and I say this loosly, answer I was able to get on this was pretty much nothing. Aside from doing your best, from now till zero hour, to maintain a calm and stress free state of being. You will need to let go of any negative feelings you may be carring around towards others and your current phisical state. Medditation is urged to maintain balance within which will even have positive effects on others.

When the time comes for us to move to our higher plane, it will just happen globaly. When it does, you will be confused where you are. Those who are prepared and aware of this occurance, will be able to move on to an existance where time is 3D and not just a linear move. Many others will be there as well. Those who are not prepared and have a closed shakra will more than likley have a sort of Matrix effect. Meaning they won't understand what happened and manafest earth by their memory willing it to become their reality again. They will also be able to bring their bodies back from this current dimention as well to continue their earthly existance without knowledge of what took place.

Now this may sound like a better way to go (ignorance is bliss) but its more like a punichment of reincarnation until they are ready to rise to this higher plane. To achive this higher conciessness is the greatest achivement the human race has made yet. I know this might sound a bit heavy, but that's because it is.

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