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Science & Spirituality

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posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 12:35 AM
At one point in time magic was the only science known to man. There were mystery schools that taught a multitude of mystical arts and esoteric paradigms. That was their science then. It was also based on this science that they built all those timeless monolithic monuments known to us as the Great Pyramid and Stonehedge. There are many more such structures that dotted the planet. Ancients had always said that our origin lies in the stars. There must be some truth behind it. With our current level of conciousness we will never be able to comprehen and deciper the message they are trying to convey.

I think we also failed to realize that what we know now as modern science is actually a 'devolution' of ancient concepts. After all the science we have now has its roots in ancient concepts like Alchemy. Alchemy later broke up into modern physics and chemistry. Just like modern astronomy stemmed from the more arcane concepts of astrology. The science that we have now is a degeneration of ancient science in my opinion so to speak. The ancients by and large had more sophisticated science. I refer to this as Spiritual Science. Spiritual Science for the lack of a better word is Alchemy.

My take is that people of ancient times had a spiritual level that is totally unlike what we have today. They are able to spiritually evolve with their technology to achieve feats of unimaginable proportions. We cannot really prove that things like levitation and communication with the upper worlds existed in ancient times for the knowledge is lost. Or is it?

I feel that this arcane knowledge is being suppressed and for a reason too. The reason is our world is fundementally evil. We are all warmongers. If we can abandon hatred and view humanity as one and spiritually evolve with one another then perhaps the suppression will end. With that we will advance into the next stage of our evolution. We will achieve posthuman thereby attaining the ability for interstellar travels.

I sincerely do not wish to see our civilization being destroyed and having to repeat the 3rd density cycle all over again. If we forever get ourselves stuck in this 3rd density of existence we will never ever advance and reach posthuman which in essence is the 4th density of existence.

What do you people think?

posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 04:06 AM
I do agree that some things that are being supressed are supressed partly for a pragmatic reason not wanting to be destroyed as a society. The only thing that chafes me is that the ones supressing that tech most likely (in my head alone maybe
) did the conquering with the dividing effectively making us hate each other for whatever reason. While with proper guiding that human psyche could be much more tolerant and far less polarized against other opinions, gender, religion, sexual preference, way of life etc etc etc.

But at the moment having a potentially unlimited power supply in the basement could be pretty dangerous when realizing what kind of people excist on this globe. Even a broken heart in combination with a unstable but brilliant mind could wipe out a city.

posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 05:56 AM
Hello Harman! Hmmm, free energy eh? Yes I do agree. This technology falling into the wrong hands spell disaster for humanity. Having unlimited energy is like playing God, don't you think?

That is exactly the reason why we must be spiritually ready to be able to receive such technology. Remember the often quoted Spiderman theme of "With great powers come great responsibilities"? This phrase has a meaning. Spirituality grounds one mentality. We as the human race must abandon all differences and attain spiritual awareness as one species. Only when spirituality coupled with technology then can we move forward to be an interstellar society.

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