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In which we tie Peak Oil/Climate Change/Globalization/NWO/Economic Collapse together

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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 06:30 PM
I have been spinning this around in my mind ever since the gas prices made their first giant spike past $4 and I can't quite tie it all together YET but if feels close.
My preliminary theories involve:

  1. Fuel prices spiking as the first wall of peak production hit.
  2. High fuel prices put stresses on business and consumers which in turn lowers spending leading into economic downturn.
  3. Climate seeming to change faster than is in our recent written history mostly evidenced by melting ice and glaciers.
  4. Now we are supposed to lower carbon emissions? I guess the economic collapse is going to help with that.
  5. Belief that some areas of the global are past their carrying capacity for decent human survivability.
  6. Rising sea levels put more people at risk from storm surge during hurricanes/typhoons/etc.
  7. Less resources to rescue people with (food, water, medicine) will lead to the deaths of many people from starvation, dehydration and sickness.

OK that's a lot but still have to tie Globalization/NWO in:
*The globalists have seen the writing on the wall for decades and have figured out how to maximize their return on investment just as peak oil hits.
*The collapse of the economy was already a given in Peak Oil theories.
* NWO & Police State: a forgone conclusion in the planning processes.
*As society breaks down it is a given that some people are going to be upset that they can't live the cushy lifestyle they are used too and those that were already living on the fringes of society would have to find new ways to aquire their sustanance.
*where are all these heads of multinational corporations going to be living where they wont attract the ire of citizens that got left holding the bag?

I think it's all related. I think globalization is the last push to consolidate wealth so they can do one more giant military industrial push, reap the profits from outfitting an army to fight globalizations detractors, leaving them in the end with:

  1. Reduced human population
  2. resouce recovery - will help get the ball rolling again in future generations
  3. perhaps a leveling off of and reversal of the global warming aspect of climate change
  4. already processed raw materials in the ruins of society just waiting to be repurposed.
  5. ?????

I know this is rough but I will work on it and try to knit it together a little better.

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