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Advanced clothing to stay cool in summer.

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posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 06:12 AM
I really need help with this one.

I'm about to take a job in a sub-tropical city that gets VERY hot in summer. It's a cool place 9 months of the year, I love it, but it can get painfully hot, and I don't like too much heat.

I've got no choice, I have to go there.

So... We can send a man to the moon, use nanotech, we can make a robot dog that sings but we can't make some sort of jacket that stays cool in summer?

Any ideas?

I've had visions of some sort of under garment with cooling gel ice packs.

Have a look at this:

Plus.. there are rumours of American soldiers using special cooling kit in Iraq. What do DARPA have in their archives?

Any help greatly appreciated....

EDIT: Found a load of cool links. I think I'll leave this up for anyone else who might need it:

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