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FEMA Region VI, Denton, TX drive by video

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posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 04:48 AM
Hi Guys,

I know this is a year-old topic. Sorry to necro thread you. But I came across this post while I was searching for more information on some other underground facilities. Luckily for you, I happen to know all about this particular FEMA facility. So I thought I'd share.

The underground bunker was originally built between 1961-1962 (Completed June 1962) at a cost of $2.5 Million for the Office of Civil Defense and Mobilization. It was to house the headquarters of Region 5 for the OCDM in the event of nuclear war.

If nuclear war were to break out, the facility was designed to to become the control center for all Federal agencies in the Southwestern United States. If necessary, for all of the United States.

The bunker itself is made of steel reinforced concrete and topped with only 5 feet of dirt. It can be separated from the structure above it by a 16" thick hydraulically operated reinforced concrete blast door.

The bunker was built with only 2 levels, 172-feet long and 142-feet wide. It has it's own power plant, well, and other utilities.

The upper level consisted of decontamination rooms, offices, the communication center, a decoding room, a computer room, a damage assessment room, and message center.

The lower level consisted of the kitchen, refrigerator and freezer rooms, storage rooms, dining area, men's bunking area, women's bunking area, sick bay, power plant and maintenance rooms.

All of the equipment inside the bunker was shock mounted so it could withstand the shockwave of a 20 megaton explosion.

The bunker was also designed to house up to 500 people for up to 30 days. Or 200 people for up to 6 months.

The building above the bunker, prior to becoming a FEMA facility, consisted of offices, a public reception area, and a snack bar. What it has now, I couldn't tell you. Most likely it's just offices now.

This bunker was built as a test model for the other regions of the OCDM. The long term plan was to have similar bunkers built in:
- Harvard, Mass
- Olney, Maryland
- Thomasville, Georgia
- Battle Creek, Michigan
- Denver, Colorado
- Santa Rosa, California
- Everett, Washington

However, I do not currently know if the others were ever built.

posted on Dec, 2 2010 @ 06:59 PM
Small update to my previous post.

A similar bunker was built beneath the FEMA Region X Headquarters in Bothell, Washington. It is designed similarly to the Region VI bunker but is a bit smaller, at 120-feet by 140-feet.

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