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A rant and a view of Society, a collision course.

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posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 09:50 PM
My Theory and Some Observations

I haven't written anything in a while, and there is so much I just want to say, so I'm starting out with a idea that just came to me. I've been surfing ATS for at least a year, I think. When I first joined, there are lots of threads on "NWO", and evidence pointing towards disclosure, truth about conspiracies, and unveiling of cover-ups. These days, there is a upward spiraling trend of "EVIDENCE", not "OBSERVATIONS".

I am also noticing that threads are popping up with meaningful evidence that NWO policies and super-liberal agendas are coming up. If your on here regularly, you may notice what I'm talking about.

ATS, is not a place for planning, it is a place to discuss strategies, ideas, and topics for intelligent (hopefully) people. This is a great place, but is soon fading quickly. What I'm noticing is that the government is putting brakes on many actual movements that are 'anti' NWO polices, or anti-conservative. Who knows, maybe in ten years, it will be different, but I am sensing a rapid downward spiral for the 'good guys'.

As many other threads have pointed to, rioting is occurring all over the world. Peace and prosperity have suken to all-time lows (aka world recession?), but I have a feeling that we might not climb out of this problem.

The problem is that we have already lost. We lost a war that we could never win. It has been the classic battle. Common man vs. Rich men. It's never been won. Whoever controls the rationing devices and resources comes out on top. Even during the Gilded Age of the 19th century and the Progressive Era, not too much progress was made.

Today, we are sinking into a hole that is against our own free win, and is all for the rich, capitalistic owners and CEO's. Like always, nothing has really changed.

Rich men are still rich. The poor have stayed poor. The middle class is suffering. No matter what freedom we fight for, no matter what NWO we fight, we are not united against the REAL ENEMY. The rich man.

First off, I'm not saying a man should enjoy his spoils of hard labor, but I'm saying our world has the potential for so much more. We need to stop looking at ourselves and others are a way to get ahead. We need to look at each other to get us ALL ahead. We are sadly leaving many people behind.

If we all pitched in, a system could be met with sufficiency. The world has the potential to raise the standard of living so much more.

This is still sort of a rant, but I am overwhelmed by the amount of things that greed, lust, and other vices have caused the human race and human machine to suffer. There is so much to do. It could never be accomplished.

The environment, the political system, the way we ration resources, the way we respect one another, and our own mindset need to be improved.

We need to stop talking about 'me' and talk about 'us'

The human race needs to get its act together, or else its going to be a long century. If not, lady fortune will not help us.

Its simple enough to start, just be kind to others, point out the wrongs in the current system. Do something LITTLE everyday to help improve our style of living. JUST DO the right thing. Take some time to write to your representative. It might not be the best way, but its an option.

We have a chance, but we need to capitalize on our options. We need to deal ourselves a flush, because were past the point of no return. The only way we can help is for to change, little at a time.

In conclusion, this was sort of a rant, but I need to just get some things out there. There are things in the world that have never been done, and need to. Its so hard to start, and I know this thread won't start anything, but I want to plant that idea in your mind, so maybe you will tell someone else, and they can tell another person.

I almost sit down and cry at the amount of work my generation has in front of them. We, just leaving High School are headed straight into a full on collision with the real world, and we need to be ready.

Do something nice, help someone, suggest something. All it takes is to act.

Thanks for listening,


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posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 11:41 PM
"First off, I'm not saying a man should enjoy his spoils of hard labor, but I'm saying our world has the potential for so much more."

Makes me think of Confucius's words; "To go farther is just as bad as not going far enough."

Its all about balance.


posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 01:46 AM
You have very good intention and I applaud you. I too, wonder why a holllywood actress and actor. will spend a lot of money adopting a child from Africa or Japan, or wherever, when they could give a million to help feed a lot of children, not just one. I think the representatives, senators, up to the president should give a certain per cent of their salaries into charities for healthcare, food, and housing for needy people. Not create a commitee or a government department to handle those issues, (HUD for example).
That money could be distributed to the states or a country in need and distributed at that level. There are already plenty of agencies who could handle that job.
You are right, the rich stay on top and the poor stay poor and the middle class barely gets by every month. It is like we are born into a caste system but we don't call it that.

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