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Why the IMF And G7 are lame Ducks

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posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 03:04 AM
when the IMF was set up in 1944 the world was a different animal than the one we find ourselves in today.
In todays world the IMF is only able to help developing countries at best and will have very little punching power trying to bail out a major country like England.
Most lay people think of the IMF as this huge global bank who can prop up anything but this is far from the case.
one reason behind this is its current voting system which gives the G7 nations a 51% voting right on the IMF board even if those very same nations are these days considered debtor nations, while Surplus nations like China and india, have about a 3 % vote between them.
So till this system is fixed and only once the surplus nations who are today the only ones capable of pouring huge amount of money into the IMF coffers have a bigger say on this board, very little will be done.
The G7 should be scrapped as they are now all debtor nations and a new system should be put in place that allocates voting rights by the amount each nation contributes to the IMF coffers.
But this will never happen in our lifetime so we will continue having a corrupt IMF that is a lame duck only able to bail out countrie like Tonga & Zimbabwe.

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 04:08 AM
my friend..

Let me say one thing.. You are correct in that what you point out. I wish to point something out also..

Who controlls the raw matierals of the earth are rich

But the people who controll the people are more so..!

population is key!!.. the more "drones" / "slaves" you have the more "assests or shares" in the "company" / "country"

This is how a Bank / NWO sees us! We are the share of the worlds market..

Humans are valued by Banks

IMF has been and gone.. Now they want a REAL one world BANK..

who is the CEO?

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 06:01 PM
We are getting distracted by all this bailout talk.

The real situation is that none of our so called leaders know exactly what to do.

Things are going to get a lot worst before things start to improve.

millions more will rock up to the unemployment cue and millions more will lose their houses before the next phase of this crisis kicks in.

And this will be the huge amount of people who start defaulting on credit cards and too are forced in bankkrupcy.

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