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New World Order Super conspiracy

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posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 05:44 PM
Ok, I know I'm going to get flamed over this but i would remind you all to keep open minds and stick to the debate in a reasonable and logical fashion. This is going to be confronting. Not because i desire confront but because i to am a seeker of truth like yourself.

My theory is that the New World Order conspiracy was actually made up and disseminated by a loose group of individuals that seek to gain power. At the top of the chain is the Government themselves the second group are a collection of religions that seek the church state. Then there are small totalitarian groups that seek power.

Here are the points i present:

#1 The fundamental political theory of control is the use of Fear. Fear is a way to control people because when people are afraid they loose their reason. The New World Order conspiracy revolves around fear. Unfounded facts, rumors and innuendo are all presented in this conspiracy. Fear is cheap to produce and the results are sometimes far reaching. It is far more likely to be the truth that there are groups purposely trying to disseminate the fear of the New World Order than the New World Order having any actual basis. The idea of group control as can be seen in any psychological texts and used by all controlling groups from the nazi party to Mao to extremist cults like the taliban, right wing Christian groups etc... is the present of the "unknown enemy" If you can present an enemy then you can gather group support.

#2 Adolph hitler used the "protocols of zion" text which was used as a pretext to totalitarian government in Germany. This is quite evident. You now give all your power to the government. The protocols of Zion postulated that the world was run by a small group of Jewish bankers. We see the current New World Order variants all come from that seed. Adolph Hitler imprisoned and gassed millions of Jews and ironically enough Freemasons as well. If there was any case of a New World Order then it must be the nazi regime. If there was ever evidence that evil was alive it was during those times and resided in his heart. People on large scale bought his story and became servants to his totalitarian state giving away their freedom in exchange for a lie. Without the support of the people he would not have succeeded. If this is not a REAL New World Order then i am confused.

#3 Many religious groups propagate the new world order scenario. These religious groups are very powerful and they seek to maintain group control. They rarely if ever state their religious affiliations when disseminating this material. Group control can be had by an adhesion to a "secret enemy", Fear and usually some texts that provide an answer to escape this made up world. Its a fight and its easy for the church therefore to ask for funds to fight this "threat" There is enough research on this on cult websites. Hey why not see if your religion is listed?
My main point here is that most of these cults are actually at odds with each other yet share the same beliefs. Most christian cults and satanic cults and muslim cults while on the outside appear to be different all disseminate the New World Order conspiracy which shows to me they have but one master and as that master is using Fear the conclusion is simple to work out what energy forces use fear in order to create servitude. Examples include Branch Dividians, Children of God, Scientology, mormons, adventists and even to a great extent the Roman Catholic Church.

Ok, now it's my guess that a vast majority of users on these boards come from one of these religious groups. Fair enough. However, remember that your response should be written with reason and not blind faith. I would also hope that you can honestly state your faith instead of hiding behind it if you are presenting a church favored position or a biblical perspective.

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 06:02 PM

If there was a secret society controlling the world as hypothesized by a lot of people then:

a) they would have the power to shut down sites like ats in a flash and the general public wouldn't be wiser.

b) They would be able to track everyones IP address and get a list of the dissenters and easily dispose of them.

c) They already have world control, why do they need to do anything more?

There are so many holes in the theory that it just doesn't make common sense...

However common sense and indeed solid recent history does show us that people and groups are willing to use a cost effect method of mind control in order to obtain power.

The New World Order conspiracy does just that. Hitler almost achieved a totalitarian world government where your rights to freedom at home, work and public are controlled by the government.

It is therefore I present my last point.

Hitler complained that there was this secret group ruling the world and used this to actually control the world himself (or at least attempt to)

You often see individuals do this. It's a form of psychosis where they project their own desires onto an unknown enemy. I would say then that most groups and to some extent individuals that believe in the New World Order conspiracy actually desire deep within their hearts to want to control the world.

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 06:28 PM
reply to post by spacial

Well, you have a number of valid points. Which are probably completely correct when you look at the """""NEW WORLD ORDER""""" as an actual organization.

But if you look at it from the perspective of reality, you can easily see a number of groups and media moguls pulling us in different directions towards the same goal... To say that they are ALL working together is not exactly believable.. but to see how easily economies can be created and countries crashed.. see the Bilderberg group of investors/politicians/royalty/bankers/corporate leaders and what they could "In theory" do in a few years if half of them agreed on a plan.

So if you view the "New World Order" idea as this..

A united planet, easily tracked people, easily marketed consumers and a cashless society...

You can see how it is actually happening in front of us... its civilized evolution.

Everything else is just a big load of conspiracy frills.

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 06:42 PM
I don't begrudge your theory, but I would add a wrinkle and ask you to reconsider a few of your assumptions.

First of all, they are teaching much more subtle stuff than this at the War College. The primary means for controlling people isn't through mass media propaganda and the use of fear. This stuff creates resistance. The number one tool they have is developing relationships with key people - people who communicate well and whose counsel or opinions other people seem to value. They come as friends. They understand you even when others don't. They catch you in a web of social pressures, or soft pressures, to control you very subtly.

The really great thing about this is that they are forced to listen to you while they do this. Lt. Col. Jonathan French wrote a good paper about it called Deprogramming an Ideology: Thought Control and the War on Terrorism. Look it up.

In other words, there doesn't have to be an actual entity that controls your thought. You will fall back to a passive and workable internal position if your social needs are met. Most revolutionaries and threats to the status quo can be manipulated rather handily with psychodynamic psychotherapy. Consider ATS a place where people volunteer to receive "treatment" that makes their worldview less threatening.

Bottom line is that Fear is not their tool here at home. Social persuasion is their tool. If you are a semi-conscious social monkey who is just suffering from alienation and loneliness, they can give you a fix, and maybe even work on breaking you down a little bit to bring cognitive dissonance into the forefront...

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posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 05:31 AM
reply to post by Dermo

Good thoughts...

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 05:51 AM
reply to post by applebiter

Yes the US is very good at social persuasion through the media. Us on the outside almost had to laugh at what happened during 9/11 and into Iraq. It was so bloody obvious. I believe that the adherence to blind patriotism is the problem in the US. Teaching children that young to be patriots is like what the hard core communists do. Different philosophies but the same methods... Scary.

But my point here is that they allow conspiracy theories to thrive because its a smoke screen to the real crimes that are being committed.

Take hiroshima for instance. Biggest war crime in the history of the planet. Should be a conspiracy? A civilian population mass murdered. Do you see Bush or Obama saying sorry on behalf of the thousands of innocent victims, men women and children who were slained by the most evil devise ever inflicted on man? Do you see Harry Truman being convicted for war crimes. I only see saddam? Its the Truman Show for sure. LOL

No one says anything because the US in reality have 1000 + war heads ready to deploy and have been the only nation evil enough to used such a devise. Fact. People are afraid. They don't want this mass destruction but they don't want to be afraid of the US either. And the US has constantly profited from this fear and sites like ATS are just the accumulation of "noise" that results in the mass paranoia of the American nation.

This is all just a smoke screen for the truth that no one wants to face...

The obvious, in front of your face, as clear as daylight, Truth. but everyone side steps it because they are AFRAID... and instead makes up conspiracies that can never be proven in order to make their ailing hearts feel better.

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