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Like good old wine HRG signal Galileos and Jupiter

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posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 04:20 PM
Urgent Signal 20-9-2003 of the Department of Astrophysics G.H.R. – Group of Hellenic Reestablishment to N.A.S.A. – USA

Danger of dissolution of the local solar system, and danger of nuclear explosion of the interstellar gas “Helium” by criminal acts of N.A.S.A. – USA.

Abandon immediately the sinking of the earth hydrogen - helium fusion reactor (which is carried by the unmanned spacecraft “Galileo” ) to the surface of Planet Jupiter on 23-9-2003 because:

A> In case you achieve a spunk of Planet Jupiter slow conversion into a stellar Sun, you will cause a dual pole of same torque Suns and thus destruction of the local solar system from counter torque surface friction of the fields from the two same torque Suns, and

B> In case you lost control of the fusion reaction and the produced hyperweight radioactive isotopes of the Gas “Helium” come into a random environment of excess density of fast neutrons, then you will cause a chain nuclear explosion of the whole interstellar Gas “Helium” and a collapse of the local counterclockwise universe sector, as a maximum density coccygos of the universal organism.

Astrophysics Lessons of H.G.REES to N.A.S.A.:
The spunk of nuclear fusion hydrogen – “helium” is harmless only if it is exploded into the center of gravity, meaning into the spherical cloak of maximum gravity and temperature of a planet, because the there existing hyper pressures abate the nuclear explosion of the Gas “Helium”.

Do not provoke the Universal Hierarchy with your criminal actions.

H.G.REES Astrophysics Department.

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 04:38 PM
I know this is off topic, and I won't take it past this post, but I just want people to note how 'acceptable' it is to speak favorably of alcoholic beverages, even in thread titles
The general disdain for any talk of cannabis outside of the industrial uses in any other thread, even if people specify that they're not trying to condone anything.

Sorry, back on topic...


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