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If you could watch the news 10 years from now... would you?

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posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 02:40 PM
I was driving home from work yesterday and there was nothing on the radio (as usual) so I put on an AM news station. I hear the normal news of today including the unemployment percentage, the war in Iraq, the meltdown of Wall Street, Govt' Bailouts of billions of dollars... nothing TOO scary. But, I was thinking if I heard this particular news program 10 years ago, it would be pretty scary to me!

Then I started thinking that things probably won't be getting any better, and they could, of course, get WAY worse! I wondered what the news could possibly be in 2019. If I could, would I even want to hear it?

If you had the chance to listen to the news of January 31st, 2019. Would you?

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 02:45 PM
reply to post by hikix

Nope, because all we would hear was static.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 03:13 PM
"Several Parts of Nevada, Utah and Wyoming have now also been declared terrorist hideouts. President Williams urges us to avoid contact with anyone who is not wearing a barcode on their forehead.

New York. Contact to our Mars Colony was regained after what NASA spokeswoman Cathy Smith termed a temporary glitch in the space lines. Updated images from Mars can be viewed in the sky from 8 p.m. or experienced in the Holo-Net beginning tommorow.

The Cleveland Browns will be teaming up with the London Colts in the final rounds of Laserball. Coach Sam Sanchez says the collaboration will put a new spin on their ball and keep the Packers at Bay."

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 03:15 PM
I don't think I would. Actually I'm pretty sure of it. It's kind of like knowing the end of a movie before you watch it. It kills the whole thing for you. Besides I love to live on the fly.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 03:19 PM
I get depressed at the news now...I can just imagine what ten more years of being ruled and controlled by these idiots will bring.
I think the news will probobly be alot more depressing in ten years.
I say nope,I'd pass.

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