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Mayor says New York City may need to reduce payroll by 23,000

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posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 06:42 PM
Mayor Bloomberg of N.Y.C. today said, 23000 city jobs may have to be cut. This will also affect the schools, with 14000 teacher cut.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Friday that New York City may have to cut tens of thousands of jobs and it may have to increase the sales tax to make up for the city's $4 billion budget shortfall in the fiscal year that begins in July.

The public school system would suffer. If new aid does not come from the state, 14,000 teachers could lose their jobs. Most of the remaining 9,000 positions would be lost through attrition and about 1,000 layoffs.

The city will also save nearly $1 billion by cutting services and taking other actions. Reductions will be felt in the fire and police departments and at senior centers, among other areas. Some parking meter rates will increase, and the city will increase health code enforcement at "unsanitary restaurants."

If N.Y.C. is looking to cut services and jobs, and it is our biggest city with the hub of our financial system and had always been a wealthy city, what will the full ramifications be?

He is talking about school teachers, police dept., fire dept. I can not imagine the people of N.Y.C. going along with all of those cuts.

Those are vital departments for any city, but especially New York City.

Bloomberg says the problems have stemmed due to Wall Street expecting to lose some 46000 jobs by 2010, which will cut into the income of the city.

With this, I wonder, what is coming down the line for all of our other cities that do not even have the type of income New York City has.

Edit: OOPS forgot to put the source link in posting:
double oops - I put the wrong link in, I had put a link about the gold market, here is the link for the article above:

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