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My experience as a child

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posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 12:35 PM
I was just browsing through the forums as I often do and decided that I would share my experience that I had as a child.
When I was a child one of our games at night was flashlight tag. Basically a few of us would set an area and hide and try to get back to the base without being seen by the person holding the flashlight. We had a large area of yards that we used to play in. On the night that this took place we were all standing outside of one of my friends houses on his front porch and a game had just finished.
This happened about 20 years ago but most of the memory will always be fresh in my mind. You will have to excuse me if some of the details are missing. I don't remember what caused us to look up but we did and I know to this day that we saw something that was not normal. I will not say that it was a spacecraft but it was for sure something that you don't normally see. What I saw could best be described as a craft that that resembled the vehicle that the character Shipwreck from GI Joe used to drive. For me as a kid watching that show it became the best reference for the craft. Before I started writing I tried to find a picture of it but could not. It was not a disk though I guess would be one way to say it. There were all kinds of bright lights underneath the craft and it made no noise. I would guess that the craft was no more than 100 feet above our heads and just floating there. We looked at it for a few seconds and then ran to my friends house terrified out of our minds.
There was no indication that anything bad was going to happen but as kids I guess it just scared the hell out of us. I can remember everyone who was there with me and we all saw it. We never really talked about it after it happened which I find weird now as an adult but kids think about things differently I guess.
Now flash forward about 10 years later and I was telling this story to one of my friends after work while we were driving around. He basically laughed and told me I was crazy. We pulled into a gas station to pick up a drink and just by pure chance one of the people who was there with me that night was in the same gas station! I had not been friends with him in years and had not even seen him in 2 years since we graduated but just to prove my point to my friend I walked up and said hello and then asked him to tell my other friend the story. He basically said the same thing and my friend was speechless. Needless to say he didn't question my story anymore.
The thing I find so odd about the whole thing is the coincidence that surrounded the validation of my story. The chances of this person being there at the same time in the middle of the night. So weird.
I don't normally post on here but I felt like I could at least share my story with someone who might find it interesting. Since then I have not had any real experience to speak of with UFOs. But because of the event I have always been interested in the paranormal. I don't know if that means anything to anyone else but I guess that was one of those events that change your life forever. I know what I saw and although I have no "proof" I do believe it was something out of this world.

Thanks for reading!

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 01:24 PM
Hello chzwhz and welcome to ATS.

Your story is interesting and the fact that you posted it here tells me that you're looking for validation or a deeper meaning behind your experience. For those with eyes to see, the existence of UFO/ET is as much a part of our reality as trees and animals.

These trying times that we currently find ourselves in force us to seek answers. Be advised that you need not try and convince anyone of any truth. That is itself an effort in futility.

The reason I am posting is to urge you to build on your experience. Clear your mind of fear and seek answers, without any expectations that might serve to limit what you consider possible.

With this state of mind, go outside to a place where you feel comfortable. Concentrate your energy and broadcast your intentions to seek your higher purpose. Keep an open mind and trust your heart.


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