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Bart Simpson: Voice of Scientology

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posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 01:50 PM
Would youl like your picture taken while your going to work?
Sure they wear uniforms but a so does a priest and a nun.

You won't be able to progress in higher OT levels either.. And by the types of clothes you wear will tell others where you stand and at what level you have gained in this group

This is false there is NO way of telling a persons "level" by their clothes. Just look at it from my view for a min. Immagine you are Jewish and you go to your church and some neo-nazi skinheads start taking pictures of you while you walk in. Is it legal?sure, is it right?
Its a church and it has its followers it gets money from its members in exchange for a service. The church does not stand outside stores and ring bells with a collection plate nor does it go door to door asking for donations. The church is not taking your money so whats the problem? If any member can ask for ALL money spent at the church back at anytime. People spend large ammounts of money on gambling,porn and booze too. Can you call a casino up and ask for all the money you spent there back? Personaly im not a rich man but i would be happy if i could be in a position to spend thousands of dollars on anything even if it was just a waste.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 02:11 PM
Nancys affiliation with the Cult has long been known. She now is facing problems with copyright infringement over her unauthorised use of the Bart Simpson persona she used in the Scientology calls. A recording of the call was placed on Youtube and was promptly removed due to those copyright infringements. The Lawyers are working on this as we speak.

For the most part, the anti scientology group "Anonynmous" ended all of it's pranks against the cult and have taken the advice of Mark Bunker(known as Wise Beard Man) to heart. Their goal is to remove the Tax exempt status of the Business of Scientology and to educate the general public about the dangers the "Church" of Scientology promotes. I have no problem with the Faith of Sceintology, and that should be treated differently than the business. They are two separate things.

The Freezone movement is all the teachings of Scientology, without the demand of large amounts of cash that the "church" has. I support them. Freezoners do not practice the cults harassment policy known as "Fair Game" Freezoners also do not practice family "Disconnection" as the cult does. Same Faith, better public policy. You can learn about the Freezone movement here: International Freezone The "church" of Scientology doesn't like the Freezoners for the sole reason that it cuts into their profits.

The nice thing about Nancy talking about her reaching level 7 in the cult, is that at level 8 she will be able to fly, (according to cult beliefs) That I want to see as even Tom Cruise still cant fly and he is supposedly a level 7 as well. John Travolta, another member of the cult can, but he uses jets. Prior to level 3 Scientology is basically about introspection and 'self help' courses. After that (which the "church" will charge you about $350,000 to get higher) is when the truth about Galactic Overlord Xenu and being an alien ghost (Thetan) comes in. I have no problem if people wish to choose that faith. I support their right to believe in and practice that Faith. I do not however support the harsher policies of the "Church" of scientology. I have seen way too much abuse.

If you want to know what life inside the 'church' is. perhaps you could look to those born into it. One example is the Neice of the 'churches' leader. You can learn quite a bit by going to Ex-Scientology Kids

To learn about why people protest against the 'church' you can go toWhy We Protest

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 03:10 PM

is that at level 8 she will be able to fly

I do not even know who makes this kind of stuff up. I have been going to the chruch for many years nobody has said they could fly nor has anyone told me that one day i could fly. Freezone is not scientology, just as christian scientists do not go to the church of christ. Freezone was a different group started by a guy named bill. If you read up on freezone and think they are nuts thats fine, go start a thread about freezone. But to read up on freezone then talk about scientology is ignorant. Its like writting a paper on the Seventh Day Adventists and using the branch dividians for your only source.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 03:53 PM
reply to post by YoungStalin

Freezone is based on the work of L Ron Hubbard, who founded Scientology. It is his origional teachings. Everything else the "church" you belong to uses, was adulterated after he died.

As for the Church of Scientology... until you reach a higher level they will not tell you about what is awaiting above your level. You have to "cross that bridge" on your own, but their own internal documents on the subject were made a matter of public record when the church was involved in several court cases. I can assure you, I am not making anything up when I talk about the super powers that they claim await you at level 8. That is a matter of legally established fact based on the Churches own documents that were presented in court. The Church was not very happy about this as it reveals their inner workings and as the material is now a matter of public record, it cuts into their profits when they try to sell the information to members.

The Church has been involved in a number of legal cases and is currently under investigation in a number of countries. France is taking the Church to court for Fraud and the "illegal operation of a pharmacy with out a license", and the UK investigating the Church for numerous immigration violations. The Illegal Pharmacy charges are based on of their selling vitamin packages to cure all sorts of things, such as Cancer. In the US major legal cases involved Operation Freakout, Operation Snow White and the wrongful death of Lisa McPherson for which the Church chose to settle out of court to avoid the negative publicity her death at their hands generated. Please click on the links in BLUE to learn more.
Because of that case the Church tried to establish a clause for new members that would absolve them from any liability in the event of future deaths at the Churches hands.

A new Scientology release form has surfaced that gives the cult the right to hold its members in isolation indefinitely, and absolves it of any responsibility for a member's injury or death as a result -- the "Lisa McPherson clause". (Thanks to Scientology PR spokesperson Linda Simmons Hight for confirming the document's authenticity)

Again.... I respect your right to choose what ever faith you wish, and I will defend that right. Please do not assume that I do not know what I am talking about when it comes to the doctrine and actions of the Church.

[edit on 29/1/09 by Terapin]

posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 02:11 AM

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