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Chakra Experiment with the family pooch.

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posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 05:01 PM
Alrighty, I have been studying meditation and chakras for about two months. I've been in need of some major relaxation and so I figured i'd end up taking this route. Anyhoo.

I've been reading from various sources and one article said animals may have the ability to send telepathic suggestion to their owners to better inform them of what they need. I have also read that "psychic vampires" feel they hold some sort of sway over animals. Well i tried ordering my parents dogs around and they give me the big ol' middle finger. Good news. I'm not an energy vampire, but I do want to have a better connection with the family pets. I had also read an article about "sending love" to people who aren't actually in the vicinity, and that supposidly they'd receive it one way or the other.

Phoebie, our stray hound dog mix, has an aversion to strangers. She becomes a basket case when strangers visit and won't budge for hours. I've tried many times to get her to come over to me and just try to boost her mood, and maybe get her to drop the habit of laying around as if dead. I always have given up and wandered over to her instead of having her come over to me. Today my moms coworker was over and had left not too long before my brother and I went over for dinner. I was wandering around the house looking for her and found her in the cage, which she only goes in when she's upset. So i sat down on the floor and tried to get her to come out of the cage by calling her, smiling; just the normal routine. She didn't budge.

With everything i've been reading about, I figured i'd try opening up my heart chakra and projecting some love towards her. (Keep your minds out of the gutter. I said love not... nevermind). It was pretty much as simple as feeling love, and sending it in her general direction... not sure of a better way to explain it, it was pretty effortless. The whole process took about 5 seconds. She popped right out of her cage, came over to me wagging her tail and was happy to see me and hung around.

I know this dog and she won't move for nothin' when she's upset. I don't consider this to have been a fluke, so i'd like to encourage other people to try, and see if it works for you when your pets are being distant. Don't do it as a controlled experiment, but be sincere when you try. Hope there's some success for others out there. I don't wanna be the crazy dog possessor.

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 05:36 PM
i do the same thing during meditation buddy. when a friend asks or if i know someone can use it, i do it. though i also try to spread it throughout the world and connect it to everyone considering we are technically "one". good for you for experimenting. imo that is how u would learn to work with and control your psychic abilities. put it to use!! and the fact that animals especially dogs have 6th sense.

the world always changes around me after i end my meditation with focusing on unity and love...unconditionally.

oh btw good for you for taking n this path. many started on this same path and in the past few years and more with each succeeding. youre becoming awakened that is HUGE!!! id love to share the journey so be in touch from time to time.

its all a lesson this life, my friend. no need for reactions or "negative" emotional responses aye? just...learn...transcend...share, but be humble

In Lak'ech Ala K'in

posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 12:57 AM
wow, that is kind of cool, i dont have any pets so i cant really try it though,
next time i am near an animal i will
so uhm, have you tried any other things like telekinesis or astral projections??
if you have, let me know, i would like to hear about it

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