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Aliens Under The Sea

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posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 01:40 PM
This is a poem that was inspired by the idea that there may be an alien/original human race living under our seas, forced to live there by the arrival of us, modern day humans. Maybe when we are all enlightened they will show themselves??

Beneath the rip so cold, so dark, a place where life and thoughts are stark,
There lives a set, a group, a whole, one consciousness since times of old.
Think not of men like you or I, for we are ones who fear to die,
Instead think love and peace within, a different life where share is win.

Forced below the rolling seas, when changing times no longer pleased,
They built their world behind closed doors, and left us to our menial chores.
It's said that when we reach our goal, that when our minds are fully grown,
They'll show themselves - rise from beneath, an alien race promoting peace.

They've left us clues, a path to follow, signs of knowledge from which we borrow,
They knew the stars and how to list them, intricate maps of the solar system.
Temples built using mystical powers, messages left in the ancient towers.
We'll never know until they show just how they made those pyramids grow.

Annunaki, Grey and Ebe, a taste of truth that few believe.
When Earth was new and young in looks, before the birth of history books,
A race of reptiles here did roam, this calm blue planet was their first home,
Then something landed, along did come, a human race, this place they'll run.

From microbe to fish then legs and nose, is how the standard timeline goes.
The truth it seems is not as clear, in ships we came from far to near
To make this planet one of our own and scare away the first homegrown.
How must they feel, what must they think, now living in the human's sink?

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 06:27 PM
very nicely done. I've pondered the alien race beneath the sea too but never as eloquently as you

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