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Weapons are smuggled into Gaza from Israel, says Egyptian human rights official

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posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 07:50 AM

January 23, 2009 CAIRO:

Egypt has proof that the majority of weapons that are smuggled into the Gaza Strip come from Israel, said the general secretary of Egypt’s National Council for Human Rights Mukhlis Qutb.

In an interview with the state owned Al-Ahram newspaper, Qutb said Egypt has the necessary documentation and confessions proving that weapons are smuggled into Gaza by people possessing Israeli citizenship.

He also alleged that some members of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are involved in the smuggling and selling of Israeli weapons to the Strip. Qutb added that the deals and payment for the weapons are struck inside Israel.

It has been long recognised by the Arabs that Israel cannot exist without a crisis. Being at the centre of Israeli constructed mayhem, many Arab countries have routinely been left holding the bag and subject to immense media criticism and condemnation from Western powers.

Recently, Avrum Burg, son of Israel's deputy speaker of the first Knesset and scion of the Israeli elite articulates this analysis in his book 'The Holocaust Is Over: We Must Rise from Its Ashes' (Palgrave/MacMillan).

Quote from the publisher;

Modern day Israel, and the Jewish community, is strongly influenced by the memory and horrors of Hitler and the Holocaust. Burg argues that the Jewish nation has been traumatized and has lost the ability to trust itself, its neighbors or the world around it. He shows that this is one of the causes for the growing nationalism and violence that are plaguing Israeli society and reverberating through Jewish communities worldwide.

While the thesis of his book states that at the heart of Israeli nationalism and belligerency is trauma akin to a brutalised individual, I suspect that there is a more rational aspect to Israel's collective behaviour.

The memory of Holocaust was truly a traumatic event for the Jewish people and non-Jewish witnesses to its horror and it served in the formation of the Israeli state. The inevitable resistance of the Palestinian people was and is a separate matter with no connections to nazi death camps yet Israeli culture and psyche stretches to include it into its narrative of Jewish survival. In reality Israel is an exceptionally powerful entity in complete domination of an occupied people.

This discourse of Jewish survival in a sea of hostile waters is also extended to the hearts and minds of the American people of the sole hyper-power on the planet.

It's an emotional blackmail that says to people, this is what we have experienced, so shut up and help us...[Avrum Burg, Time magazine interview Jan. 01, 2009]

Consequently, stupefying wealth and military hardware is transferred to Israel to ensure survival in the midst of stone throwing youth, self immolating bombers and home made rockets from the bantustans the Israeli state had concentrated the indigenous population.

This harnessing of catastrophes is an expression of Israeli foreign policy that also manifests itself in the sale of small arms by the Israeli Defence Force to the Palestinian resistance. The subsequent violence destroys peace efforts while allowing further land grabs, incidents of 'terror' acts are publicised in the US to secure further American tax payer's subsidies and justifies immense sacrifice from the working classes of Israel.

Including Egypt in the tunnel smuggling of weapons also serves as an Israeli leverage over the US subsidies to Egypt for the Camp David Accords. In fact, the US tax payer pays for Israel to make peace with its largest neighbour yet Israel holds its potential influence of ending it against the Egyptians.

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posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 08:18 AM
Excellent article Masonwatcher..... You pull out the goods as per usual!

S+F for you


Shen Long

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 09:21 AM
This doesn't shock me, i presume hardcore zionist elements convince themselves by creating a war they can reclaim the holy land and rebuild that temple. That or the desire for money over rules their morals.

Same as how Hitler pretended Poland was a threat to Germany to reclaim the Germanic Empire, Elements in the US over played the threat of the native americans to steel their land, invented attacks to start Vietnam and stop the rise of communism, sent a passenger ship full of munitions right into U-boat territory despite warnings from the germans, claimed Saddam could attack America in 15min. And how Mark Thatcher tried to over throw Equatorial Guinea and install a bannana republic puppet government who would support western business interests, how "Zemurray hired a gang of armed thugs including Lee Christmas from New Orleans to stage a coup in Honduras to obtain beneficial treatment from the new government. Zemurray would 22 years later take over United Fruit in a hostile bid." or any number of terrible terrible things governments and businessmen have done around the world to spread their powerbase -heh in that list, i didn't even mention the opium wars, east india company or the spice islands!

Crazy people with power and money don't cair about the normal people, they are but pawns in their power struggles.

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