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Money (in the general conspiracy Sense)

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posted on Jan, 24 2009 @ 01:39 AM
Inspired by Terry Pratchett's novel Making Money I took some spare time to try to design some money that would in no way shape or form show any evidence (real or really imagined) of a grand Secret Society of Evil Amphibians.
Or whatever.

I hope you like it, 'cause here it is:

Yep. Blank space. Best I could come up with I'm afraid. I eventually wanted to just try a white rectangle. Had to nix that idea 'cause apparently there could be/would be/are conspiracy theories attached to it.
Any kinda nifty symbol I tried to add in, even when i just made it up off the top of my head would either resemble a occult symbol (Which... explained a lot to me about occult symbols) like a cross or a pair of underpants, or even my mum.
Ok, so maybe not my mom, but you get the point. same with phrases, color, border designs, ect.

So, how exactly do you make money look like... well... money, without it being a piece of good ole' Pareidolia or being included as evidence of a massive over ruling conspiracy.

And before you try, say, making a blank space with "Dollar" printed on it...
Keep in mind there is also a conspiracy behind language itself.


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