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Michigan gets tag drivers license... by june

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posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 12:38 AM
Ya, if you go to the North American Auto Show.

You will see a state booth already getting volunteers to be the first to beta test the system.

What I heard is that they will take a pic of your eye. and take photos of you and put it in the database.

Some will ask about car and health insurance. They will ask for social security number.

They will ask about the bank you are with.

these info they put in a state database. Which will be accessible from your drivers license. The system is being tested currently, form now until june.

It will be your passport and divers license.

So heads up. If your in Michigan then when you renew your license by june or any time after june you will be tagged.

They don't really need to ask you questions about your bank account and stuff. Cause the IRS usally would have this info.

The banks do a report for them.

So I am just saying only the beta version will ask for information cause it's not in full effect but you have to agree to volunteer to give out the info cause this would be against the law for them to ask this information anytime before june.

So Heads up Michigan were next!!!!!

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