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Believers Of Government "Takeover", Do You Feel Solidarity?

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 11:31 AM
Let me start with saying I don't propose this to happen for any specific reason, and at no given moment, but I know many here at ATS have this feeling, and that it is worth serious and close observation. It can trigger itself to happen even. I speak mainly to those who hold a strong fear of your respective governments tendency to "turn" on you.

With that said...

Are you aware of the solidarity you are entitled to feel with many other people of the world?
This is what the population of former Soviet Union felt and the people (in some extent) feel in Russia today. This is what the people of China have inside, Turkmenistan, North Korea, Belarus, Cuba...

What I impose here is that all these nationalities are patriots for their homeland. They love their country for what it is: their piece of native land. They will stand it because it has a special tie to them.
I am no exception myself. Still, I worry little that the government will come after me. It is not the current situation here that makes me think.

Since this "NWO" kind of mass imprisonment or such, seems to be mainly a concern in the USA, I would like you, US citizens, to consider this topic extra hard.

You love your country, and by all means, you should. Besides magnificent and often unprecedented nature of great beauty, the entire concept of USA is very interesting and extremely successful. One can be patriot without being nationalist.
The comparison here with dictator or dictatorish rule is that the people of these mentioned oppressed nations feel the same; they love their homeland and are willing to fight and die for it, but their governments are up to crappy business and they are no longer "free independent individuals". The life they wish to live is being hindered by there own leaders. And the camps are never far away if you dissident hard enough... The general fear of a NWO-society is their everyday life. And have been for quite some time.

So recognize the oppressed world wide, many of them are living your nightmare, and some have so for all their lives...

(The main point of this thread is to make you think a little about it... No real discussion intended...)

[edit=thread title was limited to "Believers Of" instead of: "Believers Of Government "Takeover", Do You Feel Solidarity?" Weird.]

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 12:05 PM
Patriotism in China, Cuba, North Korea and the former Soviet Union has historically been more of a popular culture fad or something along the lines of a Sunday afternoon picnic activity. Trust me, their opinions of their governments are nothing short of restive. Most of all, their economic and political freedoms are severely withheld. How do you enjoy your family, education and well being when you're constantly thinking about your own dashed hopes and dreams. If you weren't just born recently, or if you have been living in a bomb shelter for the past half a century, then you should know that nationalism and patriotism is more of a pragmatic ideology, which unites people from different backgrounds and espouses their common interests, as opposed to any sort of applicable principle, where people would go out marching for their homeland (that absurd notion died along with the USSR, the German Third Reich and Mussolini's Italy in World War II).

I agree with you, in that although the patriotism the people of those nations ascribe to might be totally false in practice, as individuals they all appreciate their homeland for what it is, just like those of us living in the U.S. It's unfortunate they have to live under such uncooperative regimes.

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 12:52 PM
Lots of communists and socialists use "solidarity" in their speeches.

Just an observation.

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 02:17 AM

Originally posted by sir_chancealot
Lots of communists and socialists use "solidarity" in their speeches.

Just an observation.

Oh, yeah. Solidarity for your next man is such a commie-thing, isn't it?
Better to go with the "every man for himself/why bother, it's not my problem" concept.

Just a remark.

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