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America (USA) and Karma... Let's make a list about how Karma could come into play.

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posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 08:31 PM
Do people on ATS believe in karma?

I do. I've had my fare share of it dealt back to me.

But in terms of being a country... How could Karma come back to haunt the USA?

We should make a list.

#1.) We dropped the atomic bomb on another country... and not only are we the only country to do this, but we did it twice... shouldn't once have been enough? Karma Baby. now we are living in fear of that same bomb we dropped... And I'm pretty sure that Karma will take it's course. (this list could go forever)

who has #2 ?

* This thread is not meant to serve hatred on the great country of the USA... but rather discus how karma works in terms of countries... if you believe in karma.

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 08:41 PM
Well its been said a long time ago, though the actual original source and date is still up to debate however part of the Hopi prophecy, backed up in part by Hopi prophecy rock and its keeper who had the oral transmissions passed onto him at a very young age is roughly as follows:

To the North He gave the white race of people the Guardianship of the fire. If you look at the center of many of the things they do you will find the fire. They say a light bulb is the white man's fire. If you look at the center of a car you will find a spark. If you look at the center of the airplane and the train you will find the fire. The fire consumes, and also moves. This is why it was the white brothers and sisters who began to move upon the face of the earth and reunite us as a human family.

So that is the white man, the four directions four races different Gaurdianships anyhow:

Then it mentions that the white man will use the use the "Gourd of Ashes" as happened in Japan the Atomic Bomb.

And further it would then in the future if we did not change our ways be used on them, the circle completed, Karma.

They say at that time there will be villages in this land so great that when you stand in the villages you will not be able to see out, and in the prophecies these are called "villages of stone", or "prairies of stone". And they said the stone will grow up from the ground and you will not be able to see beyond the village. At the center of each and every one of these villages will be Native people, and they will walk as "hollow" shells upon a "prairie of stone". They said "hollow shells" which means they will have lost any of their traditional understandings; they will be empty within. >P> They said after the Eagle lands on the moon some of these people will begin to leave these "prairies of stone" and come home and take up some of the old ways and begin to make themselves reborn, because it's a new day. But many will not. And they said there's going to come a time when in the morning the sun is going to rise and this village of stone will be there, and in the evening there would just be steam coming from the ground. They will be as steam. And in the center of many of those villages of stone when they turn to steam, the Native people will turn to steam also because they never woke up and left the village


The source is not brilliant, changed my browser update and lost a lot of links, but if you dig further into the prophecy, and lots on ATS critically looked at it is very fitting to what you say.

Kind Regards,


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posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 08:44 PM
We interfered with other countries's wars. They will interfere with ours.
We made other countries dependent on our resources, the time has come for them to do that to us.

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posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 08:46 PM
reply to post by MischeviousElf

karma on race?


karma on country?

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 09:00 PM
In karma where you are born is seen as down to previous lives actions.

Does it really matter if born in the USA you are Racially abused if you are of African decent, or just as badly looked down on as being White Trash or a Hillbilly?

Its the same to those who experience it, or if you are beaten up for wearing glasses in school, bullying is bullying.

The countries collective Karma is shared by all of its inhabitants, and so according to that, if the country does not clear its Karma, its a collective responsibility, seems to me to be honest have just heaped up quite a lot more.

There is always hope, and things can change but I am doubtfull until a real C change takes effect.

People dont walk on Washington when they know they were lied to go to war, and know there own government in some way was involved with 9/11, know the Banking crisis is a rape of their and their childrens labour....

Get what you allow I suppose.


posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 09:24 PM

The USA wasted so much money on the Military Industrial Complex which will come back to haunt the populace when the recession/depression fully hits.

The USA wont be able to pay their IOU's to the Military Industrial Complex who will subsequently start selling American war technology wholesale to it's 'enemies' or should I say, the countries that the USA has invaded, bullied or bombed the crap out of in recent history. Enter a hi tech Taliban, Al-Qaida, Iraq Insurgency, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah & Hamas. Hey, a buck's a buck right!

Israel becomes extremely nervous as the tables turn and their dominance dissolves. Israel citizens are dying firstly by the hundreds and then the thousands. Iran joins in hitting Israel with rockets. Israel retaliate but as luck would have it, a bad guidance system sends one US built warhead bang into the middle of the Giza Plateau. Enter Egypt.

A surrounded Israel, in their desperation realize that only one thing gives them the upper hand now. Their nuclear arsenal...

OK.. it's a bit of a stretch but not entirely impossible. Scary huh!

Military Industrial Complex - BAD!


posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 04:03 AM
Hahaha, Karma, as if.

Look at Germany or japan. In World War Two, Germany invaded Russia and killed 23 million people, slightly more than half civilian. (and that's just the USSR. 16 percent of Poland's civilians were killed) They also occupied the rest of mainland east and west Europe and attacked Britain. After being finally beaten back and occupied, what did they get in 60 years? Occupied part by the USSR and part by Britain, France, and the USA. Then the latter three turned them over to be Germany again after some years, which became a political and economic powerhouse in Europe, with a fairly high standard of living. the USSR's part didn't fair so well, but after the fall of the USSR, it was integrated into the rest of Germany to a degree of success.

Today they're known for their cars and industry, as well as their bland food, quality beers, and draconian censorship laws regarding violent content.

Japan invaded mainland china and killed over 20 million Chinese, only 3 million of whom were military personnel. 200,000 or more civilians were killed in the sacking of nanking alone. After being fairly thoroughly bombed by the US, including nuclear weapons (might I add that the combined total number of deaths related to the nuclear weapons were less than the number of people the Japanese killed in Nanking alone, many thousands of whom were literally raped to death.), what happened to japan? They were occupied and rebuilt by the USA, and rapidly progressed economically through the use of statistical methods of product control and became the world's capital for quality electronics and a leader in industry.

Today they are known for their high savings rate, high standard of living, good public education system, quality electronics and cars, high suicide rate, and bizarre drawn and animated pornography.

Despite massive carpet bombing campaigns, and even the use of nuclear weapons, both Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan's losses were largely military. To put into perspective what japan did to china, a hundred nuclear weapons each killing as many as the ones employed on Hiroshima and Nagasaki would not have killed as many Japanese civilians as Japan had killed Chinese citizens in the second sino-japanese war; in fact, only it would only amount to a bit more than half as many.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 04:54 AM
Yeah, im waiting for that karma alright....

Maybe the karma for helping to liberate europe from nazi occupation and ending the genocide they were comitting. The karma for stopping japan in the pacific, which BTW they attacked us first. The karma for liberating other nations and topping the advancement of the communism durign the cold war.

I dont know who thinks this crap that the USA is evil, but it is simply drivel. sure, we have not always been angels, but we arent the plague of the world either.

However, to the people who posted this crap, I hope you do get YOUR share of karma. How about the karma for allowing the communists to slaughter the vietnamese when we could have stopped it and you didnt have the guts? Or the way you trated those boys coming home? I think the vietnamese were less harsh! hopefully you all receive a full dose of karma!

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 05:18 AM
reply to post by Doomsday 2029

I miagine America has saved FAR FAR more than it has killed, what with all the food aid programs it has for africa and the likes.

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 06:48 PM
Most seem to have a decidedly westernized sense of ‘karma’ with it having a much closer resemblance to the Christian concept of the ‘law of reciprocity’ or reaping what you sow. In the Hindu concept, karma is received in the next life, not in this one, and applies only to individuals, not nations.

As to the USA’s tally on the yin/yang balance sheet, the domestic propaganda would have you believing we’ve been the world’s savior for the last 100 years, but the behind the scenes reality is much different. We’ve been playing our role in the globalist/socialist scheme just like all the rest.

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