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Explanation of Kumburgaz UFO Video -TURKEY

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posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 06:46 AM
Here is a report of the Kumburgaz UFO Video by Mr Haktan Akdogan-Sirius UFO Research Center also the cameraman/observer Mr Yalcin Yalman.

Kumburgaz UFO Video

This was a 22minute recording originally,the Camera used (Turkey1 @1:50)was a Canon DM-GR1-A with 100* zoom 3CCD,20* optic 100*with a Tele-converter 58mm Adaptor this doubles the zooms from 100* to 200* etc...
To save battery power and tape space Yalcin Yalman states Yes he would tape for 3-4minutes stop until he had sight of the object again.

Turkey video 1:

Turkey2 @2:00 Mr Haktan Akdogan states there are two other objects along side the subject object.

Turkey video 2:

Haktan Akdogan says the video was scrutinise for 10days by their scientific board and have no doubt these recordings are 100% real.
After releasing this news Mr Haktan Akdogan states it was breaking news in Brazil,Russia,Switzerland,Taiwan and China.

Turkey2 @2:22 Mr Haktan Akdogan announces he will be presenting a 90minute Presentation at the upcoming International UFO congress.

Well thats it folks.


EDIT to fix Malformed links,still can't fix so I left pure links.

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posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 08:34 AM
Your video ID's appear to be malformed

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 08:45 AM
From what I've seen it is pretty unconvincing. Looks like a model suspended. It even shimmers as if it hanging from something.

I do not understand the "explanation". They found two white circles in a "square". I presume they mean a pixel? Somehow (???) this verifies that it is a real image. Again, so what. Exactly the image you would get if you suspended a model. And why do all these camera carrying people have the shakes.

And the silhouetted "aliens", well I couldn't see a thing unless the most important part of the footage was not posted on the net.

What would be required is some background for scale and movement (to a different location by the cameraman) to verify range and altitude.

Once again we get a badly focussed object filling the frame at night with just enough light to see it but not enough to see any detail. I think you would have to actually have to deliberately avoid catching at least a tree, fence or something building to give scale.

So while spectacular I am leaning toward deliberate hoax on this one.

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