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Very strange dream any Ideas?

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posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 01:55 AM
So I had this weird dream the other night where a lot of people were really sick so it was decided that they would be sent to this world for physical/spiritual healing. Which was funny because they were people so you would think this would be where they were from to begin with but I got the feeling that they were not. So they got sent back here and they were wearing cloths that looked kind of like track suits but the cut and style was a little different. I have never seen designs like them before and the material was different than anything I have ever seen. I know they were warm too because it was cold in the dream but they were not cold wearing these suits even though they were very thin,

The people that sent them here left after telling them why they were there and soon after they lost communication with them. Members of the group started thinking that they were being left there because they would just get sick again if they went back to where they were from and people where afraid the infection would spread should they be let back. As supplies started getting low they were forced to hunt and gather food. I get the feeling that these people were from a very high tech society and they had a lot of trouble getting any food at first.

Then the dream seems to jump forward like I am watching a different generation. They are wearing animal skins but speak the same language and act a lot like the people that first showed up in the dream. They are now good at hunting and have made spears out of rocks and trees. They know what plants to eat and not to eat but the area they are in becomes over crowded because of competition.

Next I see a war party assembled on the top of a narrow mountain pass. Walking through the pass are what looks like Neanderthals. Spears start flying and the Neanderthals run for the end of the pass. Another war party is at each end of the pass weighting to kill what’s left.

Then I woke up. Any ideas what that was about.

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 02:00 AM
Buddy I had a dream that I was in a coma, and wen't through a series of events where I was actually wakeing up in different spots in my dream, finally I was stuck on this train, and it had a opening at the top so I jumped out and about the same time I hit the ground I woke up turning over like the motion I had in my dream.

I had another dream that NWO hit and I was stuck in this camp and everyone was pretty much just going along with it and everything was really depressing and I was basically the only one resisting, I was also like 5 years older than I am now in the dream. It was messed up to because my dad was there and he was a general or something for some reason and basically told them to not care about me or get me out of the concentration camp.

I also had a dream that I was trying to chase down satan and his minions, and like it was funnier than crap this guy in a big bird suit came up and I told him to screw off or whatever... then I was face to face with Satan and I like froze I couldn't speak or anything.

Dreams are weird.

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 09:29 AM
You should post your dream here:'

There's already a dream discussion going on there that I think you may beinterested in. You'll prbably get some answers aswell

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 02:15 AM
wanted to give this thread one more chance.

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