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True Time

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posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 04:15 PM
Time is fractal in nature. It repeats itself in definite patterns. That is why some prophecies can entail double or even triple references. Everyone seems to have heard the old maxim: "History always repeats itself". It's more true than you know. The Age we live in is 7777 years long. It started in 4762 BC (something Joseph Scalinger was very close to with his "Julian Period") and is divided into 7 periods of 1111 years - a fact that whipsers from the universe to millions ready to hear it. Maybe even you have seen this number calling out to you everywhere. It can also be divided into 11 periods of 707 years- these are the 11 weeks of mankind's history mentioned in the book of Enoch. One last division can be made of 77 periods of 101 years.
Not everyone will be allowed to exist in the last 1000 years known as the Millennium Age: 6777-7777pc (pc= post creation)

The Tribulation will be from summer 6770pc- summer 6777pc (summer 2009AD - summer 2016AD). Winter solstice 6773 pc(December 21, 2012AD) is the 'abomination of desolation'. Subtract 1260 days from that date to get the start of the Tribulation and add 1260 days to that date to get the end of it. To be able to exist in the greatest age of all the Millennial Age (or Kingdom Age) 6777-7777pc (2016-3016AD) you have to go through its 'portal'. There is no other way. The portal is actually quite simple and all are invited: Get saved and repent and get baptized by water and fire of the Holy Spirit then you are in. Nothing to fear.

Do not belive in satan's false time theories: like the 13 Baktuns of the 5,125 year Tzolkin Calendar given to the Mayans by Pacal Votan, I-Ching, and things like timewave zero (though its fractal aspects are correct). They all end on winter solstice 6773pc (December 21, 2012) giving people the feeling that believe in them that they have 3 years to prepare when in fact you have only until the summer 2009! The elites are ready for 9/11/01 (told of in Isaiah 30:25) was their 8 year warning. To see who was really behind it read Revelation 9/11. I know you all will make the right decision. Nice forum by the way. It came highly recommended.

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