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Cheney in Space ?!?!

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posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 08:38 PM
That Others May Live.
Angel looking down, protecting Earth. Could someone tell me why the Earth is Black?
(that which is in heaven reamins in heaven and that is which upon the earth remains on the earth...meaning, we are in the dark and know nothing, but you still protect us??? What bs)

On with the post:
Let us assume for a minute that our fantastical technologies have been perfected.

On that assumption, to be void from gravity would result in a longer life-span. The speed of time is directly related to the gravitational forces exterted on the object. Without Gravity a day would seem like a thousand years...vice-versa.

Religious implications aside.

Now, imagine that technology in the wrong hands. What would you do?

IF I WERE Dick Cheney, I would de-populate the World and re-create it in my own image.
I would use the technology to create earthquakes and floods, maybe even cause a flip.
I would send holographic Angels to man.
I would have 'God' speak to man.
I would send an Angel to Tehran and have them follow me like the Pied Piper...

It is ok to belive in Creatism and Evolution.
But as I see this playing out I cannot help but think we have been here before, only History is repeating itself.

Man was once destroyed by 'God' and re-created in his own image.

We have a theory circulating that man once posessed high technology before on this Planet, only to have destroyed ourselves and our Planet.

What if God, Angels, and 'Aliens' are all one in the same. Meaning, they represent 'original' man.

As here we are again in posession of high technology and we are going to use it to break send us back to the dark ages so 'they' can 'try' to do it right AGAIN!!!!

And all you guys helping this situation, sitting back letting it happen...your children's children have no life and no future, as they simply will not be born.

So, your motto of "That Others May Live" will not apply to me, but it will also not apply to YOU, nor your children.

I DO NOT want Cheney to 'manage' the Earth for the next 1,000 years.

For with 'anti-gravity' comes longevity and immortality.

It (space) is not a tool of control. It is meant to be water and air to the betterment of mankind, not for the elite to rule and subjucate man.

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 09:02 PM
reply to post by Tesla401

On behalf of the entire world if Cheney wants to go into orbit I will gladly put the first boot up his ass to punt him there.


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