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Zionism, Economic Collapse of the US, War with Iran

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posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 11:51 AM
In the twenties in the USA the Federal reserve came into being, a private banking corporation that bought America caused the depression and much more. Ever since then they have been bleeding the country dry, buying up all the real assets while the people have been left with toy town money and no assets.

Like a blood sucking leach bleeding the country dry they are now ready for the final act. The complete collapse of the dollar, false flag Terrorist attacks and war with Iran. With the economy in tatters and people selling what assets they have got left just to feed themselves the country will be hawked off.

The multi faceted plan, bring in the new currency, war with Iran, gun control has slowly been gathering pace. The perps have made the dollar almost worthless to the point that no wants to us it for trade. Despite the military is not in a position to start another war none the less Israel will be given the green light to attack Iran but the US and its people will be left to fight the ground war. Gun control has been high on the list for some time. Despite all the school shootings etc. to get people to hand over their guns this has not yet happened.

Well the perps know that so now its time to up the anti. Its is almost certain and I'm sorry to say that there will be more flase flag attacks. Just as 9/11 was used as a means to invade Iraq so too will these attacks be used to invade Iran. But this time gun control will come into play as well. Citizens will be told to hand over their guns for their own safety and the safety of the country. Whether they will do that or not is another thing but those who resist will be severely punished.

You are told that if there is an attack on Iran that you don't need to have ground troops. But oh yes you do because you cannot control the oil and gas supplies from the air can you. And seeing that the real objective is that and not the removal of Irans nuke program then yes you will need ground troops. Thats means a war on a far greater scale than Iraq. Iran is a large country with a large population, only ground forces can control that.

As America does not have enough men at arms that will mean the draft. But of course that is all part of the plan. Why have millions on the streets out of work when they can be fighting in Iran. These events will bring about the complete transformation of America and its people. Thats what the perps want. To split and divide the nation up into smaller entities, the divide and rule trick. That process has been taking place since ww2, we have seen it in Europe, its happening in the ME and Asia and soon it will be happening in the Americas. All part of the one World system that the parasites have in store for us.

posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 07:34 AM
You hit it right on the nose... This attack on the American economy and its currency is part of the big plan that will usher in the new super power of the world, namely Israel... If I'm right, sometime in the near future, Israel will wage a big war, a war that was planed long time ago, in the name of "self defense" on the neighboring Arab countries using the so called Bush pre-emptive doctrine ("so called" because this doctrine was written, designed and ushered in by none other than Bush's proteges who are in reality Israel's foreign Zionist agents a.k.a the Neocons; No doubt to prepare the American psyche, and to use it as a precedence, for what they really intend to do in the Middle East)... The result of this war, in which Israel is going to use weapons and technology that even the U.S. will not poses, is the dramatic expansion of Israel's boarders from the Nile rive in Egypt to the Euphrates rive in Iraq and from as far north as Syria's boarders with Turkey to as far south as the City of Yathrib in Saudi Arabia... This will put most of the proven oil reserves in the world under Israeli control and usher in the so called Jewish Biblical promise of a "Greater Israel"....


posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 01:35 AM
The only two reasons why Israel has not attacked its neighboring Arab countries yet are, first Iran and second Pakistan. This is the main reason why the Israeli lobby in the U.S. was beating the drums for war on Iraq back in 1991. Israel wanted American bases to be in Iraq to act as a wall and a deterrent to Iran (and as a base from which the Zionist allies can plan, direct and execute covert and destabilizing operations into Iran) when and if Israel decides to invade. Amazingly this was realized exactly ten years after the first Gulf war using the 9/11 Zionist plot to drag and use the U.S. to do their evil bidding by making the U.S. fight Israel's wars for it thereby bankrupting the U.S. morally and financially in the process, but that's what they've always done through out history... use a country to do their bidding and when they're finished with it they throw it to the garbage heap a shell of a country.

And why Pakistan you ask? Because Pakistan is the only Muslim country that possesses the Nuclear Bomb and Israel wants to make sure that Pakistan's Nuclear arsenal is under American control first, and that's why the U.S. is in Afghanistan also as a wall between Pakistan and the Middle East.

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