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A possible solution for the GAZA Conflict

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posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 08:28 AM
A Possible solution to the Gaza problem.

Since nearly 25% of all the negative thoughts on Earth are generated from this long standing conflict

I asked Amizarac if she knew how on Earth to solve it without one side or the other wiping themselves out.
She replied that if you took this dispute at its core its boils down to a stolen land issue.

The most sensible way to solve it would be like this.

Israel can never give back this stolen land as it needs it for its very survival so it has not option but to pay for it.

now if you take the case of Libya who have had to pay a few billion for blowing up one plane.

Then you could say that the Gaza conflict is worth about 1 trillion dollars.

If you can also understand that many Jewish people are amongst the riches people in the world that sum can be easily attained.

Now Gaza is too small in land size to survive as a normal country. But it has a 10km coastline so if 500 billion was spent from the trillion to built hotels, restaurants, casinos, marinas it could generate plenty of tourist dollars and very easy employ all its 1.5 million people
The other 500 million would be use to build hospitals, roads, houses and a proper police force.

How quickly to you think a people who have their backs to the wall and little hope after years of living in slums while begging to the international communities for whatever scrap we throw them would change with a solid plan that gave them real hope.

How quickly would the blood thirsty Hamas movement vanish once the responsibility of insuring the future of the Gaza fell out of their hand.

With the world in a recession at the moment ten of thousands of workers could be brought in from all around the world this would help declining jobs.

Thousand of containers could be ordered to rebuilt this country again helping falling sales.

planes,Boats, cars, trucks. Are also needed in large numbers this again would fuel those industries.

In a little over 1 year Gaza could be transformed and its people living in hope again as equal to the rest of the world.
Like the saying goes give a man a fish and you feed him for one day teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time.
I wish to offend no-one by this piece I only wish to stop the bloodshed and stop the senseless killing on both sides, but most I want those two nations to live side by side in peace to show the world that real
miracles can still happen and that there are other options apart from the rule of the gun.
Peace and hope

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 10:08 AM
IMHO, this all boils down to one thing only; control of the Dome of the Rock and Jerusalem, the former Annunaki Control Center. Everybody wants control of this spot of land, and doesn't want anyone else to own land there, so the fighting will go on forever, or until they kill each other off, and others gain control. America and Great Britain made Israel a State, and made a great deal of money in the process, so that's they way of things. The world would be a lot better off is that piece of land were destroyed, or made into a park that belongs to everyone. No permanent residents.

If the Annunaki does ever return, you can bet they will want their Control Center back.

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