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sighting on 2006-uk Salisbury Plain on evening of summer solstice

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posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 03:19 PM
Was an gobsmacking experience which left me speechless.... well i cracked a joke saying that the orange craft would have looked better as a dark blue,lol

it was sort of scary to see because of what it means. It moved in an arc like motion and stopped to sharp and suddenly and stood crisply in a position then moved in an arc like motion again.

It was orange and i wont categorise it as just a ufo, because any craft i cant identify falls in this cat.

So just a craft not made by man. lol
friend said he saw 4 but i only saw 2 of them.

I had joked about challenging a demon before i went to stonehenge to insigate proof of and i got proof in an entirely different way.

ohh ahh my humanoid buddys,lol .... I feel closer to all of my bethrens of humanity ;-)

no effort is needed to express sureness in kindness to anyone.

Sureness :-) hold sure in time of being in respect to immediate environment is how the game is played.

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