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Where is the Middle East Envoy, Tony Blair?

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posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 05:00 PM
The ex "exalted" PM of the UK, Tony Blair has been conspicuous by his absence during the current conflict in Gaza - so why is this?

As the bombs rain down, and innocents are slaughtered, what is the envoy, who costs the British taxpayer £400,000 doing exactly?

Why do we no longer hear about how he wants to unite the faiths?

What has happened to his role?

Surely he should be taking an interest in bringing about or attempting to broker a peace deal.

Well, for starters he is expected to earn in excess of £15 million from lecture tours and other income streams generated by his time as PM.

Then just today, it was reported that he has been awarded The Medal of Freedom by his old mate dubya - which should further boost his earnings.

But does this also explain his absence and his seeming lack of interest in trying to bring about peace in gaza?

Picture the scene.....
Bush: "Hey Blair - keep out of the gaza thing, we got something going on there, and we don't want it messed up.
There'll be a little something in it for ya."

Blair (grinning manically at the prospect of more cash): "Of course George - how much can I expect - another bite of the oil revenue, or some more work like you found for me with JP Morgan?"

For all the hot air he blows, Blair has absolutely no interest in the mideast apart from how he can line his pockets.

He cares not a jot for the suffering that is going on, or for the israeli's for that matter, nor for anything else - except perhaps making friends with a few saudi royal billionaires.

It is a scandal that this odious man who has the morals of Murdoch was placed into this role by TPTB - but really, should we have expected anything else?

After all, he does what he's told (probably part of his bilderberg interview) makes the right noises, and at the end of the day is easily bought off.

It is the shame of the UK that this money grubbing man is ignoring a feted appointment which he probably accepted with tears in his eyes, and is now doing nothing except bolstering his bank account against the economic crisis that he helped bring about.

We need a real broker of peace - a person acceptable to both sides who can attempt to find a real solution.

But of course that will never happen - it is not in the interests of TPTB to have any semblance of stability in the region, and that is why Blair was appointed.

posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 05:08 PM
reply to post by budski

A star and flag for certain

It seems that Tony was on "holiday" for Christmas and the New Year, managing to squeeze in a little venture out to an Armani opening: Daily Mail

In a weekend interview, Gordon Brown was asked if he had talked to his predecessor since the crisis began. He replied: 'Tony's on holiday at the moment.'

Well, that's ok then...

IMO he should never have been given the role in the first place. The man has consistently demonstrated that he has the spine of a trifle and no b*lls. It seems that with his first prime opportunity to step up and deliver the goods, he's determined to prove us all right.

Puppet and poodle

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