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Politics, fighting and why we need to stop.

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posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 04:49 PM
I'm not sure if this is in the right area, if not, feel free to move it.

Some people are going to be put off and possibly offended by what I have to say.

We, as people, need to drop the political parties. Conservatives, get a little dirty. Liberals, take a shower. Moderates, make up your minds. Then cast off your party affilliations. Why? They want us bickering over trivial things. Do you think that Obama or Mccain actually cared if you voted for them? Do you really think it matters who is in power in the white house, HoR(house of representatives) or congress? No, it doesn't.

I see it every day here, at work, on tv. We are so busy yelling at each other we aren't paying attention to the things that are happeneing right in front of us. So busy are we trying to convince others that our god is right, aliens are or are not real, the governemnt did or did not particiate in 9/11, Bush is or is not a reptile. We the people are not standing up and seeing the blatant crap they pull right in front of us. Those that do are shunned, and nothing is done about it.

While we of various party affiliations fight amongst ourselves over weather two consenting adults of the sam sex should be allowed to be married, if a woman has the right to terminate her pregnancy, what guns we should or should not be allowed to buy, or if one faith is more "Right" than another, they are laughing at all of us.

Face it,so long as we hate each other and continue bickering like spoiled children over a toy, the government will continue screwing us like three dollar hookers. We fight over the little things while they slowly take away our rights one at a time. Occasionally we try to make a stand against something they do that we don't like (bailout) but in the end, we spend all our time at each others throats.

It's never going to stop untill we all realise that the parties are crap. Untill we learn to maybe mind our own business so long as no one is getting hurt, and stop trying to regulate law based on our own personal morals(yes we are all guilty of that one), they will continue to screw us over.

People are freaking out over a possible New World Order, but they won't have a problem getting it started with the way the citizenry of the world acts. I'm not gonna tell you to "Give peace a chance" or "You must be tolerant of all people" I'm just saying keep you crap to yourself, and try to look at the common enemy we all share.

It's us against them, no matter what way you slice it. You wanna be a loyal democrat or republican or any of the other nine billion parties out there, go for it. You know what you will get for your loyalty to their lies as opposed to everyone elses? A sticker, a t shirt, and a list of names to call their opponents. Keep playing their game and we will not come out on top. Those in power want to remain in power, they set their puppets up (Politicians) and no mnatter who is "In Charge" those in the wings pulling the strings stay the same.

If we don't start to see and stop what they are doing then we will all be eating our eyes out on death row.

Think about it, and try not to kill each other over something as trivial as politics.

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posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 05:25 PM
My feelings exactly. The New World Order is always marching on, always trying out new policies, new rules, new laws designed to help them, not you. Politics are an excellent place to start, if these vermin are to be exposed. Investigate that Senator, and Congressman, the local City Attorney and the Judge in your area. You will really be suprised at what can be found out on these people just by dumpster diving some and looking at public records at the library and clerk's office. Clerk's offices are not easy, but if one plays the Constitution card one can always get an in. I have researched law on a criminal case for a friend while the trial was going on, from their own case book.

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