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55 anti-Semitic attacks in France since Gaza: group

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posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 03:48 PM
"News - no news" - What else we could expect?

PARIS: France, home to Europe’s biggest Muslim and Jewish communities, has been hit by 55 anti-Semitic attacks since the start of Israel’s Gaza offensive, a Jewish student group said.

President Nicolas Sarkozy has appealed for calm and warned that perpetrators of hate violence will be severely punished if they try to “transpose” the Arab-Israeli conflict to France.

Raphael Haddad, president of the Jewish Students Union of France, said late on Monday that his group had registered 55 anti-Semitic attacks since the start of the Israeli military offensive on December 27.

Haddad said the violence was more intense than in 2001 when France was rocked by the spillover from the second Palestinian intifada that was crushed by the Israeli army.

- One way this Op will escalate, that was seen in Zionist tables before they start this campaign... Is it next "kristallnacht" in progress, and how this inevitable impact is counted to help "the agenda?"

- More laws and measures to protect the Jews?

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