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The hypno's

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posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 12:12 AM
"We got another one, but this one actually has a soul, what do we do with it?" asked Dwyer when he stepped in to the Majors office.

"What do you mean he has a soul?"

"Well, he said he will do anything we need, I explained that that would entail not knowing what was laying in store, as it's all kept under wraps. He said it's fine, he trusts us."

"What do you mean he has a soul, that seems a pretty standard response." the Major was tapping his pen on his desk, growing bored of this conversation. Dwyer was easy to get excited over nothing, especially after he had been brought in to the project and told to find himself someone who he wanted to be a handler of.

"He said he wants to help, because it's what God wants."

"He's nuts. Find him a way to get discharged, he might go nuts with a weapon and start killing people."

"No, it's not like that," Dwyer went on. "He said he doesn't care what he is used for, God has a divine plan, and what he does, what we do, is not going to impact upon that it any way, according to him."

"Perfect," mused the Major. "Totally submissive, prepared to do whatever anyone wants, this one is a perfect soldier, no will at all."

"No, you don't understand. His personality is nothing like that. He's a submissive dominant. He takes control of situations, people defer to him, yet he never stands over anyone and goes out of his way to help people. He's neither positive or negative, well balanced. I want to be his handler."

"Ok, whatever, if he makes it he makes it, if he doesn't he doesn't. I'll let them know you found what you want."

Dwyer left the room beaming. He was serving his country, after all. He went outside to find his boy by the door.

"Yeah, you're in, I don't know what it entails yet, because I don't know myself. I do know what will become of you, but we can't talk about that yet. All in good time boy. The gears are in motion. You will be doing great things for your country."

"It's not my country, it's for God. I'm not what you would call your typical patriot." said O'Connor. 'Some people just don't understand' he thought to himself.

posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 12:12 AM
Dwyer was at home, at his desk, on the internet, reading key stories from over 30 international newspapers and a selection of domestic ones, looking for anything which could be an indicator of future global and domestic issues which would be relevant to his work, when the phone rang. He answered it after 4 rings.

"Salut." He said in his best French.

"Prepare for a briefing, we are on our way."

The phone clicked at the other end, and Dwyer put the phone back on the hook. Less than 20 seconds later the door bell rang. Dwyer didn't recall hearing a car pull up, or footsteps outside. He noticed the security lights hadn't activated. He was usually alert to these kinds of things. He went and answered a door. There was a familiar person there with an unknown name, who let himself straight in.

"Right Dwyer, this is how it works. He volunteered, you volunteered, you, as his handler decide what he becomes. Here are the options," Mystery Man continued. "Hypno assassin, hypno spy, hypno soldier, hypno psychic, hypno businessman, hypno criminal, hypno religious leader, hypno sex slave, think super nympho who will do anything anyone wants, male, female, animal, child etc etc, hypno sex freak, think paedophile, rapist, uncontrollable sexually, hypno homeless and so on and so forth. Possibilities are essentially endless, and it's all your choice."

"What do you mean, hypno?" asked Dwyer, though full well knowing the answer, and not liking the sound of it.

"They're under hypnosis, we have them under our complete and total control. Some people are not canditates for the project, they are too self serving and not willing to please. The ones who are willing to please make the best hypnos. You can make them do anything you desire, once initial trust is gained and they are put under. Now, what do you want?"

Dwyer's eyes glazed over. He was thinking of the possibilities. 'This kid wants to serve God, and here I am, going to have total control over him, be his handler. Am I God?' Dwyer was thinking to himself. No one who gets involved in the organisational side of the project has a stable mind. Lack of morality and delusions of grandeur are common. The ethical dilemma of complete mind control via hypnosis had disappeared.

"I want him to be an assassin."

"Ok, the gears are in motion. The assassin project is interesting."

"Why's that?" enquired Dwyer.

"Well, think about it, super soldier project, that would entail a super soldier. Someone who can kill with all kinds of weapons, including their hands and feet. The assassins have to be more capable than that. We install every level of known programming we have in to the assassins, including the sex programming and secret agent levels. Everything. They also write their own programs to be installed. They have to be able to get in anywhere, be capable of being anyone, in order to get close to the target. You'll see. I'll be in touch. Pack your bags, you're disappearing for a few months with the boy. Don't make him aware of anything. Be ready to go within 2 hours. You don't necessarily have to bring anything, it will all be provided."

With that, Mystery Man got up and left the room. Dwyer was sitting there in shock. This wasn't quite what he was thinking when he agreed to serve his country.


O'Connor was on the parade ground with his unit when 6 MP's arrived and hopped out of a jeep. The rushed him, punched him, hit him with batons, sprayed him with OC, wrestled him to the ground, handcuffed him, put a cloth sack over his head and threw him in the back of the jeep.

In front of his whole unit. They would never see him again.


He was transferred to a holding cell and left there. The MP's had no idea what was going on, except they were ordered to detain this guy and "Treat him like # during the detainment process, but leave him once he was in a cell." by higher authority.

posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 12:14 AM
Dwyer was waiting behind one way glass with Mystery Man for O'Connor to arrive at the safe house.

"Here's how it works," started Mystery Man. "All animals who are relatively highly evolved have a state of mind where the mind goes to escape pain or trauma. You get an animal and torture it, it will eventually escape to this place where it feels no pain and is unaware of where it is, disassociation. People in the BDSM community call this state of mind 'sub-space'. Our job is to get O'Connor here in to this state of sub-space where is he super submissive, and then hypnotise him in this state, so the core personality will be in a state of total submission and all the programs we create are totally compliant and submissive to the handler. We know what we are doing, we have done this for decades. We are essentially then going to create programs under hypnosis, think act like a chicken when post hypnotic suggestion is provided, that is a program in essence. Now, the more we torment and traumatise this individual, the better it works. If you are familiar with the concept of PTSD, war flashbacks and things of that nature, those are essentially programs also, except they area self hypnosis to a degree. We are going to create PTSD under hypnosis, so that these programs, or flashbacks, if you will, will be only accessible to us when we give the individual post hypnotic codes. Now, when someone is having flashbacks, the brain is usually in a heightened state of alertness and awareness. We can train them in this state to think super fast, have incredible reflexes, strength and speed. Think flight or fight response, under complete control, with flashbacks to training and exercises, if we can make them traumatic enough. We also use human pheromones to create different alters. We can make a straight person respond gay, just tell the subconscious to replace the association with pheromone A with pheromone B. We can also create paedophiles, by using new born baby pheromones. All this is useful if they start figuring out the programming and talking. We can also create screaming and voices in the head. We set a program to be loyal to us, its' friends, and if the core personality starts rebelling, these alternate personalities, or programs, will work against it. We can make these false voices being heard indistinguishable to a psychiatrist from psychosis or schizophrenia, unless a detailed brain scan is taken, which even then won't reveal much because they don't know what to look for. The best part is the medication will not shut down the voices and screaming, because it is not organic in nature, we created it. We can program them to think they are female, a child, a dog, a giraffe, anything. We can make them walk around saying they are the President. Great for burning and discrediting them, if it becomes necessary. We can get a fat slob and make them push out 100 pushups. It's great what we can do."

Dwyer was bewildered. Duality was kicking in, and he was once again thinking this was wrong, but smartly kept his mouth shut and smiled.

posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 12:14 AM
"Anyway," continued Mystery Man. "It works, it always does, and in the rare cases it fails, we make them crazy. No risk to the organisation. We even do this to kids. We target the highly gifted individual, who are always highly sensitive. Sensitivity is very closely related to submissiveness. If someone is super sensitive is it easy to break their will. We find them using standardised testing. We hypnotise them to do whatever we want. Example, we might have the core personality working full time on say quantum physics, and the front alter attends school and carries on as normal, and we make them appear dumb. Slow their speech down, make them stutter, make them unable to perform well in tests. Everyone thinks they are dumb after that. Then when we bring them in every now and then to steal their knowledge for government uses, they are happy just to see their work in action, they don't care about recognition. Once again, super sensitive, telling them they're great makes them feel a million dollars. Then we tell them how amazing they are, and that to do more work we need to put them under again, and we only make them seem dumb because no one else would understand how amazing they are. It's ingenious really. They're so smart, kind and sensitive, they don't realise just how badly we are taking advantage of them. Sometimes we set the core to be a martial artists, a firearms expert, a homemade explosives expert, things like that, and we use them to perform suicide missions for the gain of government policy, think gun bans, phone monitoring, curfews, things like that. We can make them responsive to neurotransmitters also, not just pheromones, and post hypnotic cues. We can give them drugs, perhaps amphetamines or anti depressants, whilst under hypnosis, and tell the subconscious to recognise the state of mind it has entered, whilst free of emotion, and use that as a trigger, so when the subconscious recognises the brain fuelled with neurotransmitters it will activate a program, perhaps suicide or murder, or sex, or anything. It's great. We can do the same with hormones. Inject them with hormones and tell the subconscious how to react in that situation. That works particularly well with children who haven't yet reached puberty."

Mystery Man was beaming, looking rather proud of himself for what he was capable of doing.

"We have hypno musicians, and we get post hypnotic suggestions stuck in songs, so we can activate people for anything without even having to be near them, all they need is a radio! We can do it with an image on a television show also, such as the news. So anyway, just wait till O'Connor gets here. We are going to destroy him, and create a machine exactly the way we want. It's a beautiful process. Just wait and see. Sometimes we create poets and artists, just because we can. It's amazing the kinds of things we can program them to do and then see the random sequence of words and brushstrokes come out and turn out amazingly perfect."

Dwyer felt a lot better. Something shifted inside him, something indescribable. He felt a sense of power and knowledge come over him. He would do anything for his country. He didn't believe in a life after death, karma or God, so why should he worry?

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 04:39 PM
I hope there's more to come, you've got my interest so tell me what happens to the boy.

posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 08:03 AM
"Found another one on Social Networking Site, it has potential, the songs and voice aren't half bad, will be fine with some digital enhancement. Looks great from here, not sure about face to face though."
"Another one?"
"Yeah she said she would sell her soul for a number one album." replied Gutzmer.
"Arrange the meeting." said Smith.

"Dad! Mum! Guess what! I got a visit at school today from Major Record Company! They said they found me on Social Networking Site and they like my music and look, and think I am highly marketable. They said they are going to make me famous."

Sarah's parents looked slightly grim and nervous all at once.

"If you are that good to get a visit at school, why not put yourself out there on your own. You obviously don't need a record company if they chased you down off the internet."

'Parents are so dumb' thought Sarah. She knew how to handle this. "No, I am going to go with this, I know what I am doing, I shall be seeing them next Thursday at headquarters."

"Welcome class of 1998 to your 10 year reunion, hope you are enjoying yourselves!" boomed the loudspeaker.

"Hey remember Sarah?" enquired Roger of Jacob.

"Yeah I remember her, how could you forget the girl who became a mega famous celebrity. She went strange after signing that deal with Major Record Company. Weird lyrics too. Nothing like the girl we knew at school. Still as pretty as ever though."

"True that. I remember the words to her first number one, 'Wanna peep, I'm not cheap, if you got the cash then let's dash'. She was a freak after that, always happy for no reason, couldn't ever hurt her feelings. It was like she was a zombie."

"Fame and fortune does that I guess."

"Talk about fortune! Look at all the multibillionaires she had chasing her till she settled down with that son of a diamond miner. Not that she didn't make cash in her own name, but still, wow."

"Yeah, even before she was famous though, she was a completely different person after that. Personality doesn't change that severe. Something weird happened to that girl."

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