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Fifth Cylon

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posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 11:31 PM
As hokey as this may sound, I think the fifth cylon is humanity. Well, what we are going to come to know as humanity.

Let me explain why I think this and where I got the hints from. Some of this has biblical connections that I will admit, I did not connect.

My first clue was one of the audio files that is supposed to serve as clues on the main battlestar gallactica site. Most of it is gibberish.

in one of the clips, the one that starts with baltar talking to colonial one, you can distinctly hear "you are the fifth" in it. At first I only heard "the fifth" so I thought it was refering to baltar. but when I played it back 10 times, I could hear the "you are the fifth."

someone else on the main site also posted biblical connections to the story of BSG.

The first sin of mankind was trying to be like God. The sin of the colonials was the same in the sense that they tried to be like God in creating the cylons. thats one connection.

Another is that the colonials were exiled after 40 years (after the first cylon war).this may indicate a connection to the israelites wandering in the desert for 40 years. 40 is an important biblical number. This may only be a coincidence.

In razor, the fifth cylon is "hungering for redemption". the human race is hungering for redemption from their mistake, the cylons.

I am not sure how they will tie all this together, but I suspect that this is what is going to happen or something along these lines.

the remainder of colonials and cylons are going to come together to create the fifth cylon which will be a hybrid race that will be attacked again in the future by the remaining cylons in space which fulfills the pythian prophecy of "this has happened before and will happen again." This may also explain how cylons are in the fleet to begin with. I think that the audience is going to be the decendants of this hybrid race hence "you are the fifth" lol.

I could be wrong, but I think this is generally how the show is going to end.

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