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The irony--My country has highest electric potential, but there is no electicity 18 hrs a day.

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posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 11:17 PM
This might not be such a interesting topic for people outside my country, simply because this is not something that is affecting them or is of topic of their concern. However, the irony of the topic still may interest people.

My country NEPAL, as experts and scientists claim, is ranked 2nd in water resources and also has the largest hydro-electricity production capability. It is said that if we produce to our full potential we can produce so much electricity that each and every tree can have one bulb in each of the leaves and we can light them all up.

But the irony here is that in day for 16 hours we do not have electricity. This is about to increase to 18 hours next month and more afterwards.
The government official say the reason is that we do not have enough water in our dams but the thing here is we do not need a big dam because we have enough water falls here where plenty of mini dams can be built.

Another problem is that half of the population is illiterate and thus will go against any new idea because they will feel vulnerable. And there are plenty of politicians to make them feel insecure and abandon the ideas.

We three years before had a big revolt against the king and became republic. Then one of those groups which were named terrorist---Maoists, came to power. Again ironically, these people had killed thousands of people here but they were elected by the people. All know it was by illegal methods but no one can prove it. Even these people are in their way siege more political power and thus this is directly hampering the development process.

We are not in war right now but the suffering for innocent normal citizens is comparable.

As I said before, this might not be a topic of concern for u all, but still I would like to know your views and opinions about the topic, even solutions if u want to include.

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 12:24 PM
This thread is identical to an earlier thread here

by the same author, and that thread has 4 responses.

Duplicate threads by the same author in the same forum? First time I've seen that.

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