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summer 2000/2001 Kitchener, Ontario, Canada sighting

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posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 01:29 PM
I just found this site last night and I wanted to share one of the few odd things I've seen in my life so far (I'm turning 24).

Approx mid-late summer 2000-2001 (I never wrote the exact date down so I can't remember which of those years it was but I know it was mid-late summer... I was 15/16 and my cousin was 18/19)

I will try my best to tell the situation as I saw it... I know my cousin and I can't be the only ones that seen this in 00-01.

I was spending the summer at my grandparents (dad's side) in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario and it was a humid summer night. My cousin and I were outside in the backyard and we were about to light up a joint (keyword... ABOUT to so don't even try to say I was high because I wasn't yet).

The sky was very clear and dark purple. We wanted to sit in the middle of the backyard so we carried a wooden bench towards the center. As we were carrying the bench we BOTH saw at the same time TWO very bright lights (orb shapes approx 1/4 of an inch looking from the ground up) flying close together. They seemed pretty far from where we were standing and it was night time so I can't even make an estimate as to how high or far they were. We immediately put the bench down and got excited at the way they moved. I will explain this after I explain the descriptions.

The colours of the lights were bright white in the middle but the outer glow was purple/orange(I don't know how I can explain this but it seemed like it pulsed and switched between the two colours VERY fast). The distance between the two balls of lights... I will make a rough estimate at about 3 football fields. These objects were traveling side by side/hand in hand almost trying to mimic one another laterally. Moving at a slow pace... sped up a bit... slowed down... stopped completely in the air and it looked as if they were putting on a show. When the lights would stop dead in it's tracks they both would do this VERY odd sequence of maneuvering I will never forget. The best way I can explain this is with my hands but I will try to describe this in words or characters. They seemed to wiggle/pulse sideways very slightly at the same time but opposite directions for a second or two. They would then do a lateral burst giving a huge space between the two at about... I'd say 10-15 football fields and then return back to their 3 field gap only to stop, wiggle/pulse, and do it again. They did this about 3-5 times. By that time my cousin and I were overwhelmed by what we were seeing and I started jumping up and down while pointing at them. About 2 seconds after I did this they just shot forward outta sight never to be seen again. The speed was so fast that it pretty much left a streak from our perspective. This all happened within 15 seconds if I recall... I was too excited to keep track. It looked something like this...

frame 1: >ignore this here< ((O)) ((O))
frame 2: ((O)) ((O))
frame 3: ---------------------> ((O)) ((O))


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